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      I have been waiting on the Lord privately and was getting set to participate in our church’s 30 days fast. We were to begin the fast on the 27th of February, 2016 so we went to church on the 25th and the Senior Pastor was admonishing everyone to make sure they wait on the Lord and also the theme of the fast is “Lord, show me your glory” based on Exodus 33:18.
      While in church I was praying for revelation and guidance specifically using Jeremiah 33:3.

      Later that night at about 2am I woke up from a dream.

      This was the dream I had, I was with some friends/business associates it seemed and we had just finished from an engagement and decided to stop at a mall to get something to eat, while they went inside I was outside discussing with someone and then I later went inside. I found out that they had already placed orders for food and when it was my turn to collect mine, my food was already packed up in a take-away pack while theirs was served in plates. I started protesting that I wanted my food served in a plate as I wanted to eat there but the waiter refused listening to me. In anger I left my already packed meal and went outside to eat at another restaurant I had spotted which had bright signs. On getting outside I found out I kept walking without reaching this other restaurant and I eventually noticed that the streets were getting very dark, I also realised I was not seeing the restaurant anymore and I had walked a long way from where my friends were. Immediately I realised this I started looking for a street sign and I saw one which showed I was on a circular road so I decided to retrace my steps back to where I had come from.

      When i started walking back I then noticed where I had come from and was walking briskly to get there then all of a sudden 3 persons were in front of me, I past 2 of them and then when I tried passing the 3rd person she was blocking my path, eventually I passed her but she (a dirty and smelly creature) then ran in front of me screaming and making threatening gestures that why should I go past her, in the heat of argument one of the people I passed earlier now said, “let us see how you will pass us” then a passerby now told me in the dream that the man was a wicked police officer. I then woke up from the dream and prayed against every spirit that wanted to encircle me in stagnation and hinder me from discovering my purpose in God and returning to Him.

      Strangely enough on the 26th a day before we began the fast, I and a colleague were taken to the anti-corruption agency and were to be taken to Abuja where we would have been held in custody over a matter involving my company’s CEO but God intervened because when we got to the Airport and they had even purchased tickets for us, the flight was delayed and eventually my colleague’s uncle had gotten in touch with some highly placed persons who then requested we should be released.

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      Hi Ebimo,

      We don’t think you need interpretation for the dream as it was exactly what happened to you on the 26th. One thing you need to keep in mind, the food that you are waiting on is something from God. Sometimes God will bring things to you that may not look exactly like what you were expecting. Before you turn anything down, pray about it and ask the Lord if it is in fact Him. Your blessing may not look like what you anticipated.

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      Keryn Coates

      🙂 Hi Ebimo,
      I believe that the place that you are currently worshipping or working is not the place that God wants for you. God has a different plan for you. You may really want to be at that church or in that workplace but God has a better plan for your life. God does not want you to be angry with Him or others because you have to leave this place that you want to be, where you may feel safe and comfortable. Your anger will put you in danger from the attacks of the enemy and will prevent you from seeing where God wants you to go from here.

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      I believe you did a good thing by not eating in your dream. Eating in your dream has been associated with being spiritually poisoned or negative. That was God who interceded in the spiritual realm, so that what happened in the physical world where you were released could happen. Those creatures/people in your dream who were trying to prevent you from going pass them, was exactly what happened to you at the airport. Good call on immediately waking up pand rebuking and canceling the dream.

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      Lourdes Murzello

      Do u understand dreams


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      Amanda Torres

      I first dreamed of guys with needles all over their bodies killing other men i could hear the puncturing of the bodies i could see the death and I was witnessing it like I was on a tour then I was in Israel on a trip we had just visited the tomb then we were in a building looking at things…I dont know never was there but this building we were on the 3rd floor…well for some reason I was feeling a bit like I had vertigo but I then was wondering is it me or an earthquake but it went on for a minute or two all of a sudden it was clear as the ground shook and I was hearing a loud voice as if it was over a sound system but our building came detached immediately and was falling to the ground the voice was still speaking and I started praying and saying In the name of jesus i was crying by now as I was doing this the voice was becoming clear and was saying to jump I finally got up got a window open hit out a screen and jumped out with a baby that I had been holding already in my arms and the ground was right there. I then woke up

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      Veronica Hardman-Chinn

      My friend had a dream from which she woke with tears running down her cheeks. she dreamt she opened a book and on the page was watercolour paintings that was running as if misty, next page the same, next page was a figure looking like Jesus, She said ‘Thats Jesus, the figure had long hair like the pics we see of Jesus. She said He’s hair is very long and someone told her he’s hair is as strong as 6 mens hair. next page she saw two hands that looks like doves and at the top she saw her friend and someone said to her these hands will take care of you. then she woke up crying and went downstairs she couldn’t go back to sleep.

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      Hi. I was unable to leave a reply sooner. I prayed the prayer on 27 February about a ministry I thought the Lord wanted me to do. It was a table talk discussion about God and His goodness – various topics where ladies could discuss anything but afterward, we see what God has to say about the topic from His Word.
      So before I went to bed I asked God to show me the secret things about my ministry and I had this dream (it was before midnight). I was in the house and I thought I will quickly go to the shop. The road was a bit treacherous with kinks and curves in the road and it had some shallow tar patches out of the road. I had to dodge and I thought let me turn back because something told me to turn back. And as I turned back, it sounded like big stones/rocks falling from the sky (heaven) but none of it landed on my car. I could hear it – it was scary. I made it in time. Got home. There was a maid cleaning and I said I need to use the bathroom and I went to the toilet and I woke up. I remember I started to pray when I got to the house. I said Lord forgive me, forgive for anything and everything I have done. I was scared that it was fire and brimstone and that I was not going to heaven and was still in the house/earth.
      But I am a born again, spirit filled believer sold out to God so I don’t quite know. I have subsequently stopped the ministry because I thought it might not have been from God at the time. Would you agree with me for a complete interpretation and revelation. I believe I have received bits and pieces so far.

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      Lori A Colacone

      April 29, 2015 Early in the morning I had a dream that all my daycare kids my staff me and my husband were all on the cover of Tv guide. And my husband Jimmy and I bought a bunch of copies and passed them out to all the children of the daycare and told them to save them as keepsakes so when they had children they could show them they were on the cover of Tv guide. Then a few minutes later another dream came and I saw a huge green garden no flowers, no color just green it was so enticing almost inviting and I heard a voice say CHOOSE WHICH ONE? And I said I choose the garden and the voice said it will cost you something, carry my purpose.
      This was brought back to my remembrance this week. If you could help I would really appreciate it. Thank you Lori Colacone.

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      Lisa Doutherd

      I dreamed of a red bird like a parakeet was flying in my home. I laid down a woke up and the parakeet was under my blanket but one of its wings was broken. i tried to figure out how to fix it so the bird could be released out of my home.

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      My friend had a dream about me in a green dress and i said to her that i am doing some towel treatment and i was looking very beautiful. what does that mean?

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