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      For the last couple years I have had tormenting thoughts, terrible things that I have not welcomed, as I am very careful about what I expose myself to in movies, books, music, etc., and it was not the result of unforgiveness or unrepented sin, as I am diligent in forgiving those who have hurt me and repenting before God and man when I sin. Nonetheless these awful thoughts plagued my mind almost constantly, making me feel like a terrible person, as though they were coming from me, though I knew they were not.

      I participated in the January 2020 Missionaries of Prayer fast and my number one prayer request for a personal need was that the tormenting thoughts would end. Since the fast, those thoughts are gone and I am so grateful.

      If anyone else struggles with tormenting thoughts, I pray the God of peace, your Mighty Protector, would set you free and that your joy would be multiplied.

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      Praise the Lord! I pray that God will continue His healing and restoration of your mind as you continue to read the bible and saturate your mind with His word, in Jesus name, Amen.

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