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      I recently was dreaming of both of my parents who died from cancer. I did not like the dreams. The Lord brought to my remembrance about something I read about familiar spirits. OK then came across this I prayed and I ask that you pray for me. The Spirit of fear would torment me so bad any time I feel something was wrong with my body but Im tired of fear and hold to God and his plans for me. He is calling me deeper and to deeper realms of prayer. I thank God for His Spirit which leads me into all truth!

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      Samantha, we are praying for you. You need to uproot fear. Not because something happened to you means that it is your portion, it is not! The blood of Jesus can cleanse you from any and all generational curses. What you need to do is every time you take communion – confess your sins and then claim your healing in Jesus Name! Please read the articles below because I am sure they will help you.

      God Bless You!


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      Your description about monitoring spirits is exactly my situation.
      I cannot keep a job. Even if i get one I will loose it . the same pattern each time.
      Right now I desperately need a job and a home of my own.

      So My request is to rid myself of monitoring spirits.
      Freedom from ancestral courses and strong holds
      I need a gainful employment that will last, i don’t get fired each time.

      thank you


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      Michael Nunns

      Could you pray for my wife Kathryn to be delivered from alcoholism and turn to the Lord, Jesus Christ in times of stress and upset? please

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