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      Hi I need help please with this dream. I’ve been going through a lot emotionally with family relationships and I had this dream last night I’m hoping I can get some help interpreting what God is trying to warn me.

      I don’t remember how many wolves it was but I was standing in a dry area of land like a baseball field kind of thing, and I was standing on a pile of dry branches that had thorns because I was trying to stay away from the wolves. The wolves were distracted from me because they were trying to get to a bird and her nest that was sitting on top of another pile of dry thorny branches. Far off in the distance there was a buffalo running and I was hoping they would go after it so I could run away, I don’t remember what animals came out they were bigger than the buffalo, maybe elephants, and they trampled this one black buffalo, and it was sitting up injured. And the wolves finally noticed and ran to it, and as they ran to it I ran away and got home. Other random things happened in my dream I’m not sure if they’re important or related but this was the main focus of my dream that left me wondering what the Lord could be trying to tell me. I’ve been in spiritual warfare prayer the last two days so I’m hoping it is a helpful message.

      If anyone could help me interpret this it is much appreciated, god bless you

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      Hi Krystal,This is certainly a picture of the spiritual warfare you have been going through. The most concerning part is that you are standing in a parch place with dryness. Your enemies are many and they are not just attacking you but others in your family who are younger in the faith (the bird and egg). There is also a possibility that the bird and the egg is you and something new that God is doing in you. But again, that is in a dry spot.

      The enemies are also varied and different levels of demonic presence wolves, buffalo and elephant.

      The Lord is telling you in this dream that you are in no position to fight these spirits because you are in a dry place.

      You can change all of this by reading your bible every night and asking the Lord to show you a path of escape to get away from these demons.

      Please read these articles and prayers on spiritual warfare as I believe they will help. Remember, you need to read the bible everyday and pray. No more dryness. God bless.



      Then this one you need to pray for your family members where you are having the issues.


      If you do all of this you will be out of this situation

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