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      My dream – Thursday 4th August, 2016
      I was in a normal place with a warm, yellowy light, like an office workplace with light golden brown, wood panelled walls. A person I had never seen or met before had come to the place I was in, like an IT technician who comes to your workplace to assist with a problem you are having. I wasn’t having a problem but I spoke to them because they were looking for someone and I assisted to direct them. Suddenly I was in a place like an old medieval castle. It was grey and gloomy. There was a presence there (possibly evil – I felt they were dangerous/a threat) who looked like a man with a mean, angry face in a long, grey, woollen medieval gown. He was gliding around amongst other people and he would detect something in a person and latch onto them and start following them. I thought, “I must keep my distance from him so that he doesn’t detect something in me and latch on to me.” Suddenly he did latch on to me, turned around and instead of just following/chasing me, I couldn’t even run away from him because he lunged at me face first and grabbed me. At the same time the evil man’s superior/boss yelled out and pointed at me saying “That one!” (implying an urgency to ‘get me’ or catch me) and then said “This one is in so deep that there’s only one way to get it out.” I was suddenly beheaded but I didn’t die. I was still alive and my friends still knew me and were talking to me but I was aware that I had a different face or perhaps a whole new head. I knew this because the stranger/IT technician who had met me only minutes before I was beheaded came back and knocked on a hatch in the wood panelled wall. When I opened it and spoke to them, there was no recognition that I had spoken to them only minutes before. They thought I was a completely different person. I closed the hatch. It was only my friends who knew me well before I was in the dark, grey, gloomy castle that still knew it was “me” even though I had a different ‘face’ or ‘head’. One specific close friend was there and she wrote down her address/contact details and said, “It’s ok but if you need me, come and see me.” I felt that she was there for me and would support me through this strange thing that had happened to me. I wasn’t at all worried and joked with my friends that it was “only a flesh wound” but they looked at me incredulously (they were puzzled) as if this strange thing that had happened to me (the beheading and having a new face/head) was such a big deal that how could I possibly joke about it. Then I woke up and immediately got up so that I could write down my dream. Just the day before I had prayed a prayer to release me from any curses on my life, either personally or any that were on my ancestors that were passed down to me.

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      Hi Keryn,

      This dream definitely has to do with what you were praying to day before. This is God’s response to releasing you from these curses. Don’t stop praying about that. The enemy is mad because he knows you are on your way out of that curse and so he’s sending demons to intimidate you. Continue to pray and don’t stop. You should also reach out to other Christians that you know to pray for you are well. I think this is the picture of your friends telling you to come to them if you need help. Here is some information about removing curses. Work through these https://missionariesofprayer.org/2012/09/source-curses-generational-curses-passed/

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