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      I live in Florida, so these figures are Florida government figures.

      I was in a very large house with all of my family members around, including parents and grandparents, sister, etc… For some reason, Gov. Rick Scott of FL and his entourage was coming to visit me as I was going to talk to them about my situation of being an ex-con and how hard it was and how unfair of an advantage I was in to get reacclimated to society and how much I was struggling. The governor came with all his escorts around him and such. I approached him and started to talk to him. All of a sudden it’s like he stopped me mid-sentence and pulled something discreetly out of his pocket, a small purple tube-like thing, and he said, “here just take these, and it’ll make you feel better.” I didn’t know what it was exactly, but I knew it was illegal drugs. And then suddenly, him and his team all left. I sit there contemplating what to do, whether I should take the pills or not. And then I thought, “no,this is wrong, I’m calling the cops and exposing all of this.” So I go outside where all my family was and I throw the tube on the ground and very loudly proclaim to everyone what had just happened. The governor and his team had just left, but the attorney general was still there for some reason standing close to me. I start talking to her about my situation and she acts interested at first, until she gets more details about my charge and sees that I’m about to expose the governor. And she starts getting nervous. ……..and that was the end of the dream. Very random and weird. I’ve prayed about an interpretation. But I would welcome anyone who thinks the Lord is speaking one to them also. Please post your thoughts in a reply to my comment, and I’ll check on it periodically. Thank you and bless you all

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      Hi Josh, These are people in authority so this could be your church leadership that are doing things that are not correct. When you approach them with your own struggles their solution is not what would be considered biblical sound advice. You go to another person in authority and that person agrees with you but is afraid to speak out against someone else in authority at the church and as a result backs off. You’ll have to let us know if this happened at your church or not. God Bless. Remember to always search God’s word for truth and no matter what anyone in authority says – church or government – you know what God says about it. God Bless

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      You know, it’s interesting you tell this dream. Do you still check for updates? I would love to share what I think, but not in vain.

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