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      I had a dream that I was walking at night with a friend.. which for we are not the close anymore in this season..
      We was walking passed a cemetery and we saw witches there.. we was walking fast so they won’t see us.. as we saw them I started to pray and I think preach.. I was bonding them up.. then I woke up

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      Shannon Leigh

      Hello friend. In my experience, dreams about it being dark outside represent something being veiled or hidden. Usually it will mean a time in the future, or that something else is being hidden or cloaked. In your dream the stronger sense seems to be that the work of the enemy is done in secret, AND you are also cloaked, because they cannot see you. You were binding them and praying, and God’s protection is keeping you invisible to the enemy when doing this. Also keep in mind, it could also be true that while you were sleeping, your spirit was active and actually binding witchcraft that does happen at night. I don’t know what part of the world you are in, but witches like to do most of their work around the moon’s cycle. We just had a full moon. I hope this helps, but like always, take this to God and ask him to reveal His meaning to you.

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