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      Hey, I had a dream that I saw two cats and I started to run.. I pick the cats up and while I was trying to throw them out the window one of them bit me on my finger and it started to bleed.. so they started to get big I threw them far away and I closed the door and started to run

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      Hi Ja,

      This is a demonic presence that is attempting to gain access to your life. When you have these types of dreams you need to rebuke them the instant you wake up and sever ties with these demonic spirits. Declare that you are not in covenant with them and they are not welcome in your home. The fact that the cat bit you is not a good sign. I would suspect if you didn’t rebuke this the minute you woke up you may have already started to see things not go well in your life.

      It’s not too late to cut ties. Here are 2 prayers

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