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      Carol W

      Hi MOP,

      Thank you for this site it truly has been a blessing to me.
      The June prophetic word on breaking the spirit of delay was so on time for me.
      I had interviewed for a job on April 1st 2021, then the 2nd interview in mid April where we were 2 applicants remaining.
      We were told that we will hear back by the following week.
      Unofficially I was told I got the job but there was always a hindrance to my confirmation from the boss being out of office, budget not being approved, etc.
      The idea had been that I start working May 2021.

      I continued to pray and cover this position for myself with the blood of Jesus and claiming it. I also started praying for the people involved and the organization (there was another word you had shared on covering the people that we are dealing with and all concerning them earlier)
      Towards end of May I wrote them an email asking on the status of the job and I received a call from them congratulating me on getting the position. I was however told to wait as they were finalizing some details and hopefully by June we would start work.
      I was called and told to go sign the job contract on 2nd June 2021 . On 31st May I received a call saying that we could not go sign as the boss was out of the country.
      When you sent the word on delay on May 29th I realized all along I have been suffering from the spirit of delay and I started to pray in tongues. I also found out that there were others who interviewed much later after me for other positions who were waiting too.
      On 3rd June I received a call telling me to go and sign my contract on 7th June 2021.
      I continued to pray in tongues over this job and on the 7th day of June 2021, I signed the contract and I am now working for the organization since then!
      Hallelujah God be praised He did it for me!
      Thank you for the timely word as my family and I really needed this job and God had given it to me and the spirit of delay was blocking its manifestation. But no more!

      God is so good! All the glory, honour and praise is unto Him! He did it for me, He can do it for anyone!

      Thank you

      Carol W

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      Amen! Movement in Jesus name! Blessings to you and thank you for sharing this so others can be encouraged!

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        Wendy Foss

        Amen to that, Thank You so much for sharing your story. This gives me hope:-)

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      Amen! God bless you ! I pray the spirit of Delay is broken off my life and my family and friends as well.

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      Mary-Anne Kuhlmann

      God is good all the time!
      This gives us all hope that shackles of delay, stagnation, limitations are broken in Jesus mighty name.

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      Brenda Masemola

      Dear MOP

      I would like to thank you for the spiritually support and teachings you always provide. I wrote about around june if not May 2022 where i felt so lost and frustrated about work and current restructuring development. I remember i was in tears when i wrote that management is planning to bring someone to be my supervisor with no experience furthemore more that i have been working alone for more than three years without recognition or compensation. MOP responded so calmly and advise to keep doing my job and if i have to even support the incoming employee. It was not what i wanted to hear but i calmed down and prepared my self mentaly kept reading the word every morning before getting out of my car to the office eventually i accepted that this is happening and fast forward. 17 August i was signing acting letter for the next six months as the supervisor in the unit and a very suffcient compensation for that period. 2nd The post has been officially advertised and i a have applied because i also want to compete i no longer panick when i am told of challenges i no longer worry i take everything and pass it on to God i pray the current restructuring does not affect anyone at the office negatively every day because i saw what it almost did to me.

      I still pray and i am asking for your prayers because i am going to an interview in another department and change would be really great provided God has stamped it for approval.

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