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      just before going to sleep i was attacked by a “force” which after much researching – learned is highly likely to be someone who is astral projecting. Fought him/her/it off by forcing myself to rebuke it in the name of Jesus.

      eventually slept.

      in the dream (for the third time in a month) i am at a boat which is docked in some kind of harbor. it is a very modern and expensive yacht. i am also temporarily docked in a much smaller boat – and am armed with various forms of advanced technology. One such piece of tech was a drone which had the ability to shoot what i can only liken to extremely powerful sparks @ the enemy. The enemies are on the boat & along side the boat on the dock and streets.

      The enemies tried to hide; & showed themselves to be human & some kind of shape shifting creatures which tried to intimidate me by shifting into “venom” from the spiderman movies… Massive battling with them via using the drone and physically going after them & chasing them.

      there was a point where i had to inhabit the body of someone else to be able to get close to one of them to be able to destroy it in the name of Jesus. They tried to do the same with me but i know they arent able to do so.

      this is the third time i am seeing a boat & i think it has to do with marine spirits / altars etc.

      i am also attacked in my sleep by astral travelers @ least once every 2 – 3 months.

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