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      Not sure if its a garbage dream or not but to me any dreams can mean something.

      The dream starts out like at my moms home where my mom lives who is older up in age but yet I didn’t see her in dream. I was there and my brother J was there and so was alot of my nephews and nieces. My daughter was there also.

      So my brother said he take all the nieces and nephews home before he left the house for either he was going to work or leave the house for awhile and didn’t want to leave abunch of people at the home with elderly mom or something like that He had a big truck so then he asked my daughter to take her home and my daughter said her things were all packed at her friends house next town over so all they would do is stop over there get her things on the way. Inwhich I thought odd that she had things all packed at her friends home like she was going somewhere i didn’t know.

      Then for some reason my older nephews wife said she stay behind or maybe she had own vehicle not sure. So as my brother left with all of my other nieces and nephew , daughter. The scene took me to my nephews wife who was just off to the side but outside as another vehicle pulled up.

      I forgot who other person in vehicle was maybe aunt but as those two started talking my nephews wife explaining why she was there when she actually came out and said that she waiting till my mom passed on to try to take over the home and everything, I think other person agreed. I do not think my nephews wife knew I was close by and heard her. For she thought nobody was around so it felt like she was plotting when my mom passed on.

      (In real life i don’t know my nephews wife so not sure why i had this kind of dream, I come from a big family)

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      Hello OnAJourney,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Please take the dream back to the Lord and ask Him if it is from Him. Wait and see what He says.


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