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      I was in what appeared to be an endless hole. It was very dark, l couldn’t see anything but l could sense the movement of dropping creatures. They were falling very fast and screaming. I was the only one ascending upwards. At the top of the hole standing on the right side was an angelic figure dressed in white robes. His face and entire surrounding was brighter than the sun. My eyes could hardly look straight at him. He stretched his arms towards me and l was drawn to him. I felt the most peace and safety anyone can imagine. It’s like l knew him all my life. It was Jesus. He spoke to me through the mind…… never said a word yet l understood everything. From that day own l have been having visions. I don’t understand the meaning but l hope to share them here. Does anyone understand all this?

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      Your dream has a deep meaning to it. I hope someone can interpret. I will follow. Be blessed.

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      Amazing dream! Yes Rauzet that was in fact Jesus. He basically told you that he saved you from the pit of hell where so many unknowingly are going. You should share your visions. I think Jesus will use you to save others from the pit of hell as well. You’ve been there so you know what it is like.

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