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      I have a friend whom I lost connection with. He works on ship as a second mate so spend months at sea.

      I dreamt that we met at the beach (after this long period of no communication). He asked to take me out in the ocean on his ship but I was scared because I’ve never been that far out but then I felt this sense of safety with him. I went on the ship with him. On the ship there were several male persons who tried to hurt me physically but he was always there to protect me. His persons on the ships had respect for him and knew not to mess with him or what concerns him. At one point I was alone and climbing up a ladder to get to a higher floor but there with me. I noticed this other man coming after me but then my friend appeared in all fury. It’s as if he was tired of the attacks too. The attacker saw him and turned back. Whenever the friend is around I felt safe. I woke up and my heart was heavy as if I lost this great love. I felt so emotional that I cried so much. I usually overlook these dreams because in the natural I haven’t communicated with this friend in over a month and there’s no response to my message so I thought it’s because I was thinking about it. However, I feel like there’s more to this dream than what I think.

      In the dream, is was nighttime, I could see and feel the friends love for me.

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      Dear Shan

      Please take this interpretation to the Holy Spirit and ask that He give you the correct interpretation.

      This dream is an invitation to a new connection and fresh encounter (adventure at sea) with the Lord. There is so much more…. The meeting at the beach represents the fresh connection to the Lord.

      He is our Friend, Protector, Guide and First Love, always Present, even in the dark. The One we trust above all, no matter what is happening around us.

      Pray and ask the Lord for a fresh encounter with Him and for Him to reveal His heart for you.


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        Thank you! I will do just that. I’ve prayed about it and received a very similar answer to what the dream meant.

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