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      Dear MOP
      My daughter is on her last year of studies and each year at the beginning has been a struggle but after the first term things will flow. This year is not different and we have been praying for her wellbeing throughout.
      Whilst on a fast specially for her, I had this vision.
      She was asked to open her portal, which she did and it looked like it was her prayer room. The room was small and had 6 cream white ceramic bowls, but the bowls were empty. I got distracted and turn. After the turn I was shown a spice bottle I can’t remember whether it was empty or full but outside it was written MILLION in big white letters.
      Kindly assist with the interpretation and her deliverance.
      Thank you, God bless you

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      Hello TLN,

      Thank you for sharing your vision with us. What I feel the release to share at this point in time is the following song, “Great is He who’s the King of Kings…” and you can find it on YouTube, uploaded by MadziaFialka
      I’ll return and share more only if led by the Holy Spirit.


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