Prophetic Word – Congratulations! You’re the 2nd choice

This prophetic word is titled Congratulations!  You’re the 2nd choice.  Meaning you were not the first choice and you are now inheriting someone else’s destiny/mandate.

I had so much fun writing this!  Perhaps because when I meet people, if God allows me to see their calling and destiny mandated by Him I wish I could just sit them down and explain what I am going to share with you in this post.  It is so crucial that you understand how this works.  It may explain a lot about your own life and the lives of others.

I’ll start with a conversation I had with the Lord some years back where He said to me

“Callings are irrevocable but Destiny is revocable”  I said to Him “why is that?”  and He said “free will, you have to choose it.”

I’ve never forgotten that He said that because it clarified so much to me that I’ve seen over the years.  Let me explain…

The word tells us from the foundations of the world God already planned out what we would do (Ephesians 2:10)  This is why abortion is an affront to God because humans are deciding to end the calling and destiny of another (Jeremiah 1:5, Psalm 139:13-18).  Because everybody has a calling/purpose/destiny.  There’s nobody here just to take up space.

No matter how insignificant you may feel.  God has something for you to do.  There is a purpose for your life.

You should make it your life’s mission to find out what your purpose/calling and destiny is if you don’t already know it.  Do you need help with this?  Go to and sign up.  This is free and there will be a whole series that will teach you about this.  You can also make sure you are on our mailing list by signing up below and when we do the classes we will let you know.

I want to clarify the 2 terms I am going to use here so that you understand what I mean.  Because you may call them something else so I want you to be clear.

When God says “callings are irrevocable”  what He was referring to is Romans 11:29 that says our gifts and callings are without repentance.  Or as it says in the TPT version And when God chooses someone and graciously imparts gifts to him, they are never rescinded.

What does that mean?  It means that if God called you to be a pastor you are forever called to be a pastor.  He’s NEVER going to change His mind about that.  So, if you mess up 50 million times and you are addicted to drugs, you got a divorce, you didn’t lose the calling you still have it!  Because, He will never take that back from you.  It is irrevocable.

Irrevocable – not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final.

But then He went on to further say “Destiny is revocable because of free will”

Ephesians 1:11 “Through our union with Christ we too have been claimed by God as his own inheritance. Before we were even born, he gave us our destiny; that we would fulfill the plan of God who always accomplishes every purpose and plan in his heart.”

Before we were born He gave us our destiny!  Whew!  That is a BIG word.

So, before you were born God planned your destiny.  He gave you a mission.  A mandate.  There’s something He wants you to do and it was planned before you even were formed in your mothers womb.

You have a job to do!  You didn’t get saved for nothing!

OK, so now you know that your calling as a pastor is irrevocable.  Let’s look at a hypothetical scenario of how the destiny associated with your calling as a pastor may play out.  Say that you live in London but the destiny (destination/mandate/job) where you step into your full purpose is being a pastor in New York City.  Somewhere along the line you have to get to NYC because that is where your destiny will start to come into maturity.  So I am using the term destiny here like a place where you need to be.  God is always going to put it in your heart somehow through dreams, visions a desire to go to NYC.  You are always going to be drawn to where He needs you to be.  You may not know the timing of it but you know for sure that you need to end up there one day.

However, somewhere along the line you ended up in another city, Berlin.  Basically what you did was choose a different destination (destiny).  Based on your own free will.  You thought eventually you will get to New York City.

God moves in times and season and with Kairos there is a deadline, it is an appointed time.  So let’s say the destiny of this individual was to be a pastor in NYC.  God had it planned before the foundations of the earth that after Covid lockdowns the Kairos time on this church is 2021.  That is when they needed to be in NYC. 2021.  However, in 2021 where were they?  In Berlin.  Wrong city. Vaccine Passport, travel restrictions and that is the end of that. What happens then?  God revokes it and He gives it to someone else.

“Destiny is revocable because of free will”

Say what now?  Yep!  This is not about you, me, or anybody for that matter!  It is about God having a Kingdom plan for the earth.  It’s not about MY plan.  We’re not working on YOUR plan. Nope. We have to fall in line with His plan.  Well, technically you don’t have to do anything.  But, boy are you going to be miserable if you don’t!!   He allows us to be a part of His plan.  This is an honor and a privilege.  We get to work with the Creator of the universe to do what He wants to do in the earth.  This is where we have joy, peace, a fulfilling and exciting life, we’re never fearful because we are walking in step with the Almighty.  It’s about HIM.

If God needs a pastor in NYC in 2021 to start a new movement, HE is going to have exactly that.  With or without you.  This isn’t about us.  There is wiggle room to dilly dally all you want prior to Kairos time.  But when it is Kairos Time, we have to be in place or the destiny gets revoked!

Don’t you feel this heavy birthing in the spirit?  What do you think all this warfare is about?  KAIROS!  It’s here!!!

All those people He was preparing to bring to Him by the thousand in NYC need a pastor!   The New Church needs to be formed.  Since the first choice decided to follow their own plan, He will put in the replacement.

Congratulations! You are the 2nd Choice!

I know we tend to think that the 2nd place is not the prime position.  But, first place sometimes abdicates the role.  They forfeit.  The destiny of the first choice gets revoked and He gives this job/mandate to someone else.

So now, in Brooklyn there’s this social worker that mentors young adults at a community center.  This social worker has started to win souls to the Lord within their job and the group grows and grows.  Until one day someone says “you should start your own church”  Of course, the social worker will say “Oh, no I am not a pastor”  to which the person replies “But, you’re kind of doing the job of a pastor”.  The role of a social worker is the same as a pastor.  They just never saw themself as a pastor.  The whole time they were diligently doing their job they were actually training to be the pastor and didn’t even know it.

And so, the social worker steps out in faith to do it and becomes the pastor of that mega church in NYC and grows to a congregation of 7,500 in a few months.  With little to no effort.

This is how people inherit other people’s destiny.  They were not the first choice.  Why am I telling you this?  In 5782/2022 there are going to be many people inheriting other people’s destiny.  It gets passed to you because the original person for that destiny made choices (free will) that caused God to revoke it and give it to you instead.

How destinies get revoked:

(1) fear – it looked too big and too impossible so they ran away from it.

(2) flesh – following after what they want instead of what God says.

(3) stubborn – refusing to do the things God requires to fulfill the destiny/mandate. Lack of cooperation with God.

All of this is free will.  This is how some people’s prophetic word don’t come to pass.

Signs that you inherited someone else’s destiny:

-Whatever it may be it was not on your radar screen; You won’t see it coming until it arrives.

-You were being faithful with what you believed was your true calling when this other thing just found you.  Meaning, you were not looking for it and it just fell into your lap;

-It is generally a new thing and not an established thing.

-You felt ill equipped to handle this because at first glance it appears that you are not qualified to do that.  Upon further inspection, you realize that you are actually able to do it.

-Things begin to move at an accelerated speed once you “pick it up” because it has reached Kairos.  God’s appointed time no waiting period necessary.  You hit the ground running.

-Everything just fell into place 1,2,3 – people, resources, tools, money all fell into place to make it happen.  This means you can do this effortlessly. No obstacles.

The reason these inherited destiny move so fast is the destiny is in its Kairos moment but the person who was supposed to be in place is not there so you, as the 2nd choice, can move quickly to get it done.  You don’t have to wait.  God is never going to ask you to do something that you are not 100% equipped to do when you are the 2nd choice.  If you’re a fisherman, He’s not going to say “you’re now a neurosurgeon”  No, these two things are not even close.  It will be something that you are able to do but possibly never saw yourself doing.  You will move with ease because it is ready to go, you picking it up with everything already in place.  These types of destinies actually happen even faster than your own original destiny.  I mean the one you were actually called to do.  But it is because of your diligence and faithfulness with your own destiny and calling why God gave you this.  You have it because  He already knows you are going to get the job done.  <—-read this whole paragraph again.

How do you get selected for the 2nd choice?

You don’t choose it.  God chooses you to be the second choice.

This is not to be mistaken for you seeing what someone else has and wanting it.  This is not envy or jealousy or coveting what someone else has.  No.

Esther didn’t sit there waiting for Vashti to fail so she could “slide into King Ahasuerus DM”.  Nope.

Boaz was not first in line for Ruth.  No.  That other guy said no.  He followed the proper procedures being the 2nd choice and still won.

God chooses the replacement.

Read Judges 4 – 5. This is the story of Deborah and Barak.  Deborah was a judge and a prophetess and she called Barak and told him that he needed to go to war against Sisera and that God would give him victory.  Barak (possibly due to fear) says that he doesn’t want to go unless Deborah goes with him.  So then she says this to him…

Barak told her, “I will go, but only if you go with me.”

“Very well,” she replied, “I will go with you. But you will receive no honor in this venture, for the Lord’s victory over Sisera will be at the hands of a woman.”

A lot of people read this and they think the “victory at the hands of a woman” was about Deborah.  Well, this is not the case.  Deborah didn’t kill Sisera.  So, who was the woman who killed Sisera?  Jael.

Jael – was the second choice.  She inherited it.  What is even more odd is that she is not a warrior.  It would appear she is ill equipped for the job. So how is she going to get it done?

At the Kairos moment, Sisera came running on foot to her tent.  She didn’t go looking for him, he landed in her lap. She was selected as second choice and didn’t know it.  He’s laying on the ground tired and she gives him some water and covers him with a blanket.  He’s not feeling threatened.  There’s no need for her to have the skills of a expert sword fighter.  He falls asleep.  I’m thinking this is the moment when the reality hits her that she’s stepped into a Kairos Moment and she doesn’t have much time to think about it, she has to move fast.  Hit the ground running. She just happens to have a tent peg and hammer handy (tools and resources in place) and she does it with little to no effort.  Voila!

The 2nd choice gets the job done.  Because the first choice, by his free will forfeited his destiny.  He’s still a warrior – irrevocable. But the destiny of killing Sisera was revoked because of his free will.

These things can be a one time thing, seasonal thing or a life long thing.  All I know is some of you are going to be doing things other people should’ve done.

In 2020 and 2021, there was a lot of shifting happening.  People needed to be in place to do what God wanted them to do.  God is switching out people right now. This is where the 2nd choice will come about.  I’m sure some of you are already experiencing this.  Or perhaps an opportunity has presented itself and you are not sure if that is what you should be doing because it seem a little bit outside of your “usual thing”.  What God wants you to do is to ask Him, before you pass on it.  Before you say no, pray.  Bring it to Him in prayer and ask Him if this is from Him.  Then inspect the skills that are required to do it and see if perhaps you have those skills.  How you will know for sure is the moment you set out to do it, everything will fall into place very easily.  You will be able to do it very quickly and with little effort.

By the way, this is not just about “church stuff”, this could be a job, getting a house, a business, anything.  In this scenario the 2nd choice wins!

What happened to your own destiny?  You still have it.  This is just a bonus.

Part 2 of this message talks about what happens to the first choice people.  You can read it here Forfeiting Your Destiny


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  1. Hi MOP , I love reading the monthly prophetic words and the ones in between as the Holy Spirit inspires you .. I have been following u guys for a couple years now and I must say this is one of my favorite platform in which I look forward to reading the articles !! You mentioned if any one needs help concerning figuring they calling we can message .. This will be my second time responding as I think my first response was very vague.. I will just love some clarification as to what my true calling is and where God as me now in this season of time .. I had a dream couple months ago where I was at a revival tent meeting , and while I was walking away from the crowd the pastor that was hosting it looked at me and Said that I carries the “Joshua Anointing “I have never really heard about it .. Was wondering maybe If u can give me little insight about it and if it pertains to my calling ., Thanks in advance ,looking forward for a response !! 🙏🏽

      1. Hi MOP , I am not really sure what the in-depth meaning might be .. I know that Joshua was a man of faith ,he was brave and very courageous,after the passing of Moses it was him that God use to lead his people to the promise land .Maybe God is rising me up to be like Joshua to have unmovable faith amidst all situations that I might face knowing that I am strong because God is leading me .. Also believing that I shall overcome and receive all that God as for me !! But not sure what it as to do with my calling ..

        1. Hi Tiffani, yes I would say that as well. What I would do if I were you is study Joshua, not just the book but the person. I believe he was first introduced in Exodus 17. I notice that you are applying it all to you individually but I don’t want you to miss the fact that Joshua was a leader. So I believe this is what God is calling you into. Hope this helps. Blessings

  2. Dear Nicole,

    This word scared me a bit only because I might be the one who free willingly revoked my own destiny through fear and uncertainty. I’m leaning towards you to help me get back onto the path God has laid out for me. I will obey God!

    Thank you once again for changing our lives through obedience.

    God bless you!

  3. Wow! As someone who lives in NYC (Brooklyn) and is preparing to move to another state because I sense the Lord wants me there, this just confirmed that I am on the right track. I keep telling my spouse the grace for this city has lifted and we have to leave. Thankfully, after a 9 month wait we are finally under contract to build a home in our soon to be new state. I have no idea why God wants me to move but I am excited about the possibilities.

  4. Thank you so much, this was so timely, had questions a out certain things I see happening in the church I lead and am grateful to have read this… God has spoken!!!

  5. I have always wondered what the Father called me for. I suffered a divorce during the pandemic, but I looked at it as the Father resetting me. I have prayed concerning this matter but I haven’t heard the Father speak. At first I thought that he was waiting for me to except it because I would say no.. preaching the word (didn’t want to be caught up in the flesh), watching over people, and many other things. I have come to the conclusion that I Am not my own… I truly want to be all that Jesus would have me to be.. please help me to understand my calling. Thank you

  6. Hello. I would like to know my purpose. I’m tired of living aimlessly. I know GOD intended more for me in this lifetime but I can’t figure out what. Please help me.

    1. Thank you so much for releasing the word. I’m not even sure whether I’m in God’s perfect will or permissive will. I think I wasted a lot of time wandering around in circles….Please help bring clarity to my purpose and destiny.
      God bless you🙏

  7. Thank you for the timely word.My name when translated means Mother Of Hope but lately I feel like I’ve lost my fight.I have been so busy with work and don’t really have room to enjoy anything else that I used to but I always look forward to your words

  8. Please help me to know my purpose and destiny of my life. I feel I have wasted a lot of time getting in to what called me to do.

  9. I moved churches when I got married into a totally different setting from what I was used to. Still trying to see where I fit but it been very difficult leaving me very confused. I also recently quit the job I had because the place was very stressful and difficult to stay in. I’m desperate to find my next steps. I need something a sign, a dream anything. It’s even been difficult to remember dreams of late. I need help.

  10. Hello MOP,
    This word made me smile on many levels, serve as confirmation, instills hope, and I have been reflecting on it. I say a resounding “Yes” to your question: “Don’t you feel this heavy birthing in the spirit? What do you think all this warfare is about? KAIROS! It’s here!!! In addition, it brought to mind three recent dreams about birthing:
    September 22, 2021 @~6:18am
    “Dreamt that I was waiting for Mum to return at night. As I looked through the shutters for her, I saw a lady fall to the ground as if in labour. My attempted call to 911 was futile.
    When I got outside with my green comforter (blanket) other people were also outside watching and not necessarily helping. It looked like the woman’s “water” had broken and she was kneeling, fully clothed. Over to the far right was another woman kneeling, fully clothed with her water broken as well.”
    September 26, 2021 @8:18am
    “Dreamt that I think I was to have surgery. I may have had to deliver a baby but the OR staff didn’t know my medical history. I mentioned that I would need a C-section due to previous uterine surgery.
    Either in the same or different dream, I had to take care of a new baby about 2 or more months old. The baby was advanced in milestones, talking, wisdom, processing and even stated that she had been in the world in a previous life. I wanted to dress her as she was naked and used a green outfit eventually that was provided by Dad!”
    These are pretty graphic dreams and I know that Mum and Dad in the dreams represent the Holy Spirit and God the Heavenly Father. Either way, I’m excited, and continue to pray for clarity as to who the two women in the first dream represent. Ephesians 6:18 (as per the waking time of the dream) also comes to mind. Deuteronomy 8:18 (waking time of the dream) comes to mind as it pertains to Dream #2 and I know that He is birthing something new and Isaiah 43:19 comes to mind as well. Any additional thoughts/insights are appreciated, thanks!


    1. One more dream that I forgot to add in my previous submission, please. On October 4, 2021 I dreamt that “my ‘water’ broke!” I don’t remember any other details.
      It looks like there’s a lot of “birthing” going on not just for me but for others.

      1. I believe He gave you this because you were missing the fact that the first two women were you. He was being direct so that you wouldn’t miss it. This is great!

    2. Hi FE, I believe they are both you & you are birthing those scriptures. (Deut. 8:18, green blanket, LOL) I Hope that makes sense. We’re all in the uncomfortable place of the delivery where we’re just tired, worn out, want it to be over, but it’s not done yet. Almost there. Blessings.

      1. Thank you for the response, MOP. I’m still reflecting on your comment. It is interesting that both women were kneeling and fully clothed as they were trying to give birth (an unconventional birthing position), outside, in the open. One could say metaphorically that they might be travailing in prayer to bring their babies to being even though their hands were not clasped in the traditional prayer position. Alternatively, that is the position to assume, continue in prayer in the Spirit almost like PUSH (pray until something happens). The Holy Spirit is just fascinating with His symbolisms!!!
        I had not thought the women were me and my antennas were up and eyes alert, looking for who the women may symbolize, lol! The dream about my water breaking was clear to me and I even looked up how long a woman gives birth in the natural after her water breaks, LOL! May the Good Lord give us ALL grace and strength to endure in Jesus’s Almighty Name, I pray, Amen! Thanks again!

      2. Thank you, MOP! One quick question and please bear with me to make sure I’m clear about your response. I noticed that you specifically reiterated Deuteronomy 8:18 and the green blanket! I feel like you were making a point that I don’t think I quite got. Could you kindly clarify/elaborate?
        My intent in the dream of taking the green comforter was to make the pregnant woman more comfortable and perhaps to wrap the baby in as well (which was not born yet and wasn’t during the duration of the dream). I took the opportunity to look up various versions of Deuteronomy 8:18 and online articles since my original submission and a few versions did not have the word wealth and an article stated that the word “Chayil” was inaccurately translated as wealth in a number of English versions. If this is true, my understanding of Deuteronomy 8:18 has taken on a whole different meaning. Chayil means valour and ties in nicely to God’s empowerment, strength, and grace. Thoughts?


        1. FE, Deut 8:18 is the “power to get wealth”. Money = green. You have a green blanket. You’re birthing a financial blessing/miracle. Don’t overthink it! 🙂 Ephesians 6:18 “Praying in the Spirit” this is another thing you’ve been waiting on and that is coming too. These are both excellent.

          1. Thank you, MOP! 😊The explanation helps. It is a hint of what is to come and resonates with my Spirit especially with the subsequent dream of my Dad (aka Heavenly Father) providing a pre-arranged green outfit for the “baby.” The interpretation I knew right away had to do with life, growth, and prosperity plus the fact the baby was advanced in milestones, and made an interesting /odd statement. This specific dream of baby/advanced milestones development makes me think of inherited blessings/destinies as mentioned in this word.

            Thank you once again and I’m glad that I submitted these dreams as I was a bit hesitant initially.

        2. Hi, F.E., I wanted to add to what MOP has written of, to say that in Hebrew, the number 18 is *strongly* affirmative of life. It is the numerical value of the letter “Chai” which forms the core of your word, “Chaiyil”.

          I also wanted to share that for over a year, the Lord has been sending me the numbers 8:18, so I read every possible verse in the Bible associated with this combination.

          Your dream is full of life! May the God of the Living bring every new bud of life in you to fruition,

          Shalom and L’Chaim!

          1. Hello AJ,

            Thank you very much for your contribution. I knew deep down that there was a reason why chayil was highlighted as I investigated Deuteronomy 8:18. An article that I had happened upon also talked about chayil used for the Proverbs 31 woman and how Jewish men said that prayer over their wives on Shabbat. To further confirm what you are saying, I initially wrote “life, growth, prosperity, and fruitfullness,” but deleted the ‘fruitfulness’ before I submitted it. Finally, I now recall listening to John Paul Jackson (at least I think it was him if I’m not mistaken) in the past and I believe he had said that #18 in Hebrew represented “abundant life.” Thank you for sharing your experience with me and the blessings/prayers for me, I truly appreciate it. I see that the Lord really wanted me to share ALL of those dreams here.

      3. Nicole,

        I need help figuring out what my purpose and destiny/calling is. Any help will be much appreciated.


    3. Your dream bears witness to it being the Kairos Moment and season of the Chayil (translated as “virtuous”) Proverbs 31 woman who is rising to prominence at this hour. MOP mentioned Ruth, Deborah, Jael, all of whom were Chayil women greatly used by the Lord to accomplish great and mighty exploits. It is your Kairos Moment as a Chayil woman and it is the Kairos Moment of other Chayil women. You will both bring forth your destiny and the promises of the Lord and be used by the Lord to assist other Chayil women in bringing forth their destiny and the divine plans of the Lord at this Kairos Moment. Bathsheba (a Chayil woman) was instructing her son, Solomon (the wisest man in the world) on the characteristics of a Chayil woman. You, as a Chayil woman, gave birth to wisdom, just like Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon. It is the time of Chayil women to arise and shine!


      1. Wow! Very deep, thank you, Deborah! I think of Mary’s song in Luke 1:46-55 and I pray that God uses us, His chayil women for such a time as this! Your response also made me think of wisdom personified in the book of Proverbs.

  11. This was wonderful Nicole! Interestingly enough, in your scenario you used location as an example. I had literally just gotten off the phone with my sister before reading this. Through tears I was telling her I’m tired of moving. My lease is up soon and she asked me where I want to live if I could move anywhere. I said if I had my way it would not be in the state I live in because it’s way too expensive here and the people aren’t very nice although I’ve lived here off and on for most of my life. I moved to another state I actually loved with family members years ago. I thought God gave me the ok to move. I was also reassured by my company that a position would be available but I was there 2 years and could not find a full time job. The job market was awful there. Even though I loved the area, the people, my church and my volunteer work, I eventually moved back here kicking and screaming because I could not afford to stay there without a full time job. I finally decided that this must be where God wants me to be but I could never (still can’t) figure out why because it took me 3 yrs to find a full time job after moving back. It was the most difficult time in my life! A total of 5 years with no full time job. It was only by His GRACE (5) that I made it through! It’s been 7 yrs since I moved back but “I feel like I’m JUST here” I’ve said to God. “There has to be more to it than this.” I have prayed and asked God many times over the years to reveal to me what He wants. I have surrendered desires of my heart and told Him that wherever He wants me to go I’ll go. Whatever He wants me to do I will do. Even if it’s not what I want. No answer. I have asked what is my purpose? No answer. I truly have no idea. It makes me sad to think that at my age (51) I still don’t know. I think because I have been wrong about some things over the years (like moving) I am almost paranoid that I may make a wrong choice. Especially when I feel like I am not getting an answer from God. So I wait. Because I want to be in His will. But now I wonder, did I pass my destiny to someone else out of fear of not being in His will? Or, has the appointed time just not arrived for me yet?

  12. Dear MOP, Thank you for inviting us to bring our questions about this to you. Right before the pandemic, the Lord moved in a powerful way to bring certain people together where I am now: Pastors, theologians, church leaders, seminary professors. Somehow I was in this as well. We all had known each other many, many years ago. None of us knew the others were moving here: we ran into each other in Walmart in the very first days of our arrival. The Lord even provided a huge estate, a place for the work, major donors who wanted to start something. It was my first experience seeing what happens when God is really putting everything at the Starting place. We all started meeting and praying together weekly for what was happening. But the people placed there to take headship, who were best equipped for this, left when this became a pandemic hot spot. I know He sent me here and that was all I knew when I arrived. I know He is calling me to something new right here. I don’t know more. As I write this, I suddenly remember how it was before. I did not move here with any plan, only because He told me to. I kept praying before I moved and right after and suddenly it was there. But that isn’t happening now. I feel like I have forgotten the oil for my lamp and am falling asleep before the Bridegroom’s arrival. I cannot discern whether I am to move forward to what was about to happen, or that is null.

    1. Hello AJ,
      I hope you don’t mind me asking this question and forgive me if I’m way off. Could there be a similarity between your September 27, 2021 dream and what you just shared here?

      1. Oh!!!! Yes!!!! I will pray on this!!!

        It seems I received the answer before I asked the question. That sounds like the Holy Spirit.

        Thank you, FE

  13. Thank you Nicole for this very informative word. I think I have an idea of what my calling is but I need clarity. As for destiny, how do I go about knowing it?

  14. This is really an interesting article, I am a bit confused about the issue of destiny and calling, because in some other versions it says ordained or fore ordained. So to me I thought the Calling is as a result of you being ordained for a purpose, so the Calling is to make you fulfil the mandate of your being ordained. However I will wait next week and learn more about this.
    In regards to 2choice, the Lord in a dream directed me to go somewhere to look for where we can put a church building with lots of very detailed blueprints. You know I am doing this but I’ve never been trained to be a pastor, even though people call
    me pastor. I went and found the caretaker, left my contact so that when the owner comes, he can call me then we can talk. The owner came, he called, we arranged and met. Things were just flowing no objection but he told me that we have to talk at the venue where that land is. As I am writing this I am from that meeting. But before we met in a dream the Lord showed me exactly place for the building.
    Now, when we met with this man, I tried to suggest a certain place where I saw was convenient, to my surprise and amazement, the man pointed to the exact place that the Lord showed me in the dream objecting to my suggestion, I was amazed, it forced me to reveal to him that, that is the exact place the lord mentioned to me. However, they have to talk with the brother first about it then he’ll give me a feedback next time.
    I am doing all this but I don’t have even the means to put that building up I am just following the lead of the spirit and anything that he showed me is exactly. To just highlight some points on this issue, On Thursday the 7th October as I was before the Lord writing down the blueprint he gave me in the scripture, there was a point I read three times but I could get the Point Clear. Then as usual, he put me in a trance, then the voice said,”let him come and here for His purpose “,then I came back ,from that point all I needed in that verse were just flowing like water in a down stream, but the information ,I’ve never even heard somebody teaching about it and the Lord want me to make it known.
    there is much I wanted to share with you because you are my spiritual mother I’ve learnt a lot in your mentorship I will send you an email in the course of the week thanks,shalom.

    1. Hi Matthew, yes, it is fore ordained. And the calling does make you ready to fulfill the purpose/destiny. But you can choose not to do your purpose/destiny. That is the point. It is a choice. God is not forcing us to do anything. Hope that clarifies it.
      As for the “spiritual mother” Hmmmm, I understand that your intent is good (and I appreciate that) but I’m not sure I even believe in that concept. I think God is our spiritual Father and we should always be careful not to replace Him with anyone. Just my personal belief on the concept of spiritual mothers and fathers. Blessings

  15. Thank you MOP for another wonderful prophetic message shared, prompting me to comment.

    This is my first time to be commenting here. I’ve been following your posts only for about three years now. What brought me to this website and eventually subscribing to your email list was when I read the Word on ‘The Joseph Anointing’. I’ve been researching the calling of Joseph and Daniel, after a prophet prayed over me in 2017 during a Church Camp Crusade, saying I have the wisdom of Joseph and Daniel. I’ve found this relates well to me as I reflect on happenings in my past, including another prophet mentioning the anointing of John of Patmos over me in 2014 during a Prayer Meeting. These characters seem to be very similar I’ve found out. Also, your prophetic word which was released on May 7 2020 on the Anointing of Solomon (which happened to be my birthday), not only made it special but also gave me more directions on what the Lord wants me to do.

    I currently work as a Television News Journalist and Presenter in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Amidst the COVID Pandemic and other challenging situations, I believe the Lord has been using me to inform the masses as per His will, fighting against evil forces in this mountain of influence. At the same time, I’ve been serving in the Church (Presbyterian) mostly in Administrative roles.

    In light of this Prophetic Word on Callings and Destiny, I make this comment to seek advice on what really my calling is (really trying to understand it), given the various Biblical characters that have been connected to me. I am thinking am I in the right place at the moment? What career should I really get into after this? What should I do? I’ve been seeing visions through dreams as well and I try to understand and interpret them.

    I need help on this please. And I certainly appreciate every message shared here that truly motivates and provides direction to me as I interact with others.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Welcome! I would have to say that you are right where you need to be. Joseph and Daniel are both marketplace people called to stand in a difficult environment. For Joseph his purpose/destiny was to be in place in a time of famine. You can have a famine of many things and in your case I believe it is a famine of truth. I believe that’s why you have the profession that you do. Daniel was also an adviser and flowed in dreams and vision interpretation. I would advise you to find as many books, videos you can to learn how to interpret your dreams because within them are the instructions for your next steps. Solomon, that is the financial part that is coming into your life. And, of course John is love. It appears you have a hybrid mantle. Many people have those. They just don’t realize it. Most people believe they can only have one and that’s not true. You can have one that is the dominant mantle while still operating under other anointings and giftings. Stay where you are until God gives you instructions to leave. The biggest thing for you to do right now is learn how to interpret your dreams. That is the key that will unlock everything. You haven’t missed anything you are where you need to be. Blessings

      1. Thank you so much for this response to my comment. It is indeed very uplifting. I will work on really knowing how to interpret dreams. I certainly agree with what you’ve said. I’m really blessed by this!

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