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      My broken marriage a year ago holds no hope of reconciliation, as parties have proceeded to legally annul the said marriage. However, some nights ago, I dreamt my ex-brother-in-law show up persuading me to their family house for reconciliation. After much reluctance, I went with him. While there, the reception was very cold. When my ex-wife came in, she did with a bunch of broom in her hands. As she made to whip me with the broom (in support of her kin) I hurriedly woke-up as I wont let that happen. What is the interpretation of this?

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      There will be no reconciliation. You use brooms to sweep away the things that you don’t want. She is whipping you with the broom which means the divorce will not be an easy one. She is finished with the marriage. Do you want to stay married? This is something you will need to address with the Lord.

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