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      sandy bruns

      We are in the process of moving our home onto land that we financed because where it was the land owner is kicking everyone off to build million dollar homes.
      The move has cost double of what we thought it would. My husbands boss Andy agreed to help us out when he thought it would only be about 30,000.00. Now because the people who advised could not do all the work we’ve had to hire other people do to the work. It is costing so much and we don’t have the money up front to pay for it.
      I need a miracle that the money comes to us so we can save our home. Please pray that God provides that miracle. We feel like we have done something wrong but I think we are doing something right. My husband has stopped his drinking binges and we are both growing closer to God everyday. My husband is a miracle because he was an alcoholic. Please I beg of you pray that this is all ok. That we move our home on to our land and we can find the peace of God in our life again. We are desperate and overwhelmed because my husband also has cancer which he is trying to fight. It feels hopeless but I know my God is capable of answer all prayers. I believe God has been with us from the beginning but now I just feel like the devil is pulling out all the stops to hurt us. Please pray that Gods peace finds us and that the money comes in to save our home. It is all we have or we will be homeless. Thank you

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      Praying for you Sandy and for healing to your husband. Don’t give up. God has a way out of this. Pray for strategy. Blessing

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