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      I have been wanting to share my testimony but somehow I’ve felt that it wasn’t time yet but this last prophetic word had me in tears.I have been trying to go back to school to get my nursing for a very very long time. More than 10 years it has been my dream. I am a single parent, I have no family where I live and the only way I get my billed payed is by my work. I got a prophetic word that said the Lord was going to give me my hearts desires and that He would make a way were there was none. And that no men would get the credit except Him. Time passed maybe a year or more after the word was given to me. I would drive by a private nursing school every day on my way to work and back and one day I just felt that I needed to call. I made an appointment and when the day came I walked in. I hear the music that is being played and is Spanish Christian music I was intrigued and emotional instantly. I interviewed with a recruiter, got a tour and out of a whim applied. Now this is a private school that requires a down payment and monthly payments until we finish the program. It’s from 8:30 to 4:30 Mon-Fri leaving no room for work. That’s your full time and part time w studying. I realized all of this but say nothing and just applied because after much prayer I just felt the pull. I didn’t know how when or how I didn’t question I just went with Lord you are telling me to do it so I’m trusting in you. But at the same time thinking I have rent, insurances, car payment and a child in high school how on earth will this work out? Well, it just did, I can explain but at the same time have a hard time believing how everything just fell into place so effortlessly. I have been there for two months, the Lord made a way where there was no way. My coworkers were asking”how” how are u doing it? What are u doing about work? What about Rent and food? And my vehicle? It even motivated some to apply to the school but found it too expensive. When your word came that people would see us doing the impossible effortlessly it reminded me of what God has done in my life and how people that know me are wondering how on earth I’m getting everything done. Going to school full time, no family for support, not working my 40hrs, my bills fully paid, single parent, no husband. All I can respond is “let me tell you about my Jesus”. I am overwhelmed with His goodness and grace. And it may not be a big deal to others but I know everything that He has done to make this happen. Thank you for your obedience. I look forward to your teachings as well as to your prophetic words that are full of knowledge and golden nuggets. Be blessed

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      A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! You will get to the end of it and realize that you don’t know where the money came from but all your needs will be met! That is how God works. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t worry but step in faith each and every month and watch God do it! You will graduate and still wonder how you did it! LOL This is also a very good profession. It is timeless and there is always a need for nurses. You will never lack a job with this.

      HE alone is God! HE doesn’t need out help! HE can do it all by Himself!


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