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      I don’t remember when God led me to your website, but now looking back I can see some of your insight and how it affected my life.
      After 28 years I lost my job at the beginning of Covid even though I worked remotely from home (we moved to a different state). I wasn’t sure how I was going to find a new job as I live in area that gets snowed in so driving to town would be challenging. I tried to find remote employment. Out of the blue a coworker from my previous company called me to do some work for his new company. I was only to work for a couple of months and then the contract would be up. I worked to the end of the contract and was unemployed. Again out of nowhere I got a call from the same coworker and signed a new contract. He has since left the company and I started working with another employee, who as of now also left the company. I am still employed which is amazing as I have never met anyone personally from the company. I have been truly blessed with my employment. Since I found you I have improved my relationship with God and Jesus. I now have a prayer book that I have thoughts, prayers and scriptures that I can read everyday.

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      This is a beautiful testimony Kathleen and we are so happy here that your relationship with Jesus Christ is stronger. I believe He rewarded you with this testimony because of how close you have drawn to Him. Blessings

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