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      I had a dream that this guy jump off a fire escape.. he killed himself.. I started crying in my dream.. so all the cops ran and even other people I saw and I just kept crying.. when I woke up I was crying.

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      Hello Ja,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I can see how disturbing such a dream is. This dream could be either literal or metaphorical. Literal as there could be someone who did take their life (the manner may not be how it was in your dream or could be). Metaphorical, in the sense that someone is doing something that can be deemed as “suicidal” perhaps taking on more than they can handle or doing something dangerous to them. Either way, please pray about this and may God reveal who this person to you if it His Will.

      Personal Story.
      I’m not sure why the tears are threatening to flow now but I would like to share this with you. I dreamt in February that I dodged a bullet and it hit someone behind me. I didn’t see who shot or was shot. I just knew that it was a man that was shot. I woke up slightly distressed but mostly full of thanksgiving that “I dodged a bullet” (as per the idiom). After a few days I started asking the Lord who the man that was shot. The following month I saw an obituary of an individual and the date of passing was February!!! I think that the dream and real life event are related somehow.

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      Oh wow!! Thanks for sharing

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