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      Firstly, URGENT need of financial breakthrough.
      Secondly, my household is being attacked by the enemy. We are praying spiritual warfare prayers to combat it… however I ask my brothers and sisters in Christ to please just lift us up in prayer. For strength in these trying times.
      God Bless.

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      Jennifer L Scherer

      My Husband has many demonic spirits around him and in the past couple of months they have really started to come out towards me. We have started to see them in my son now as well. My daughter in law (son’s wife) and I have been praying every night for The power of the Blood of Jesus to cover our home and not to harm us and to leave. Every night that we prayed my husband would come home and turn on a demonic movie and let them right back into the house. We would pray even harder and more. I am exhausted. I know that God is my strength, but it does wear on me. Three times now these evil spirits have shown themselves to me or my daughter in law because of it. I have rebuked them and on 2 different occasions. It took me 3 times to do this. I was talking with a neighbor and had chills run up my spine when I heard that Satan had tempted Jesus 3 times when he was fasting. My Church has been praying for my son and my husband and the deliverance and salvation for them both. I have been praying for 21 years for my husbands salvation. I am asking for all prayer warriors to join me in this fight against the Spiritual realm, as it is very real and I am ready for a breakthrough. Thank you to all who are willing to lend a prayer or two or three or more.

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