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      Mapalo Majara

      I greet you all in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior. I have been battling my entire life with generational curses, demons in my bones and blood, evil spirits suppressing my destiny and purpose, some of my ancestors destroying me because i have refused to choose their way of life been serving foreign gods, now all agents of lucifer’s kingdom have been sent to destroy me from a spiritual realm to the human realm. I have prayed and prayed, fasted, intercessed, chain prayed at church, seeked counsel from prophets and spiritual leaders, now and then i go to the mountain, sea, wilderness to pray peacefully and be alone with God. But to no avail. Day in and night i fight all sorts of agents of the kingdom of darkness : witches, demons of different nature and abilities sent to destroy me, but God is still there protecting me.

      Praise God. But i am still fighting a spirit of death, stagnation, poverty. darkness, curses spoken into my destiny, hatred sent to me, brokenness, doors opening and closing on me, doors that were opened suddenly closing on me.

      I need spiritual reinforcements. I am seeking new strategies fighting these spirits and curses. For return of all taken, stolen from us by the generational curses and evil spirits. At home we are all suppressed and controlled by these evil spirits, we have seeked all sorts of help, but to no avail. Even some to most of my family members are tired of fighting, have lost the will to fight anymore. Please help.

      All to be brought to us again and in the new way in the eyes of Lord Jesus Christ, old and new blessing according to Him for our destinies and purpose in the world unto Him and His will, not lucifer and his kingdom.

      To remind lucifer that God Almighty is the one sitting on the throne, not him. That God Almighty alone is Alpha and Omega, He who created The Heavens and Earth alone. He who owns everything and everyone on earth and in the Heavens. To help us remind God of His promises unto His people, faithful servants and children.

      TO say no more to this existence and life of slave mentality unto these evil spirits controlling us for generations now. Enough is enough, it ends with our generation.

      In God’s name with ask. Amen

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