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      Snake dreams have always disturbed me. I once rebuked them and I never dreamt of them for some time(like a year or two since 2016). This year, I started dreaming again, only this time, its not biting me, but chasing me or peeping on me (for me, I think the enemy is trying to find a way to get to me but cannot because of its inability to bite me and doesnt have a tongue). Please if anyone knows how I can stop dreaming of snakes all together enlight me.
      My boyfriend has also dreamt of snakes this year. The first one was one he was expecting some scholarship, I dreamt he got the scholarship so we prayed and fasted about it, but on the night after fasting he dreamt he was almost drowning while a snake biting hard on his right leg, while pulling him in the water. He says it felt so real yet he knew he was dreaming he couldn’t wake up. We prayed, but unfortunately he didn’t get the scholarship.
      This morning he called me again to tell me he dreamt of the same snake, biting him on his right leg and pulling him on the ground. He is currently looking for a job and I’m concerned the snake dream came about to hinder him from getting a proper job. Please advise me on this. Thanks

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      Esther Ama Mensah

      I don’t know a lot about dreams, but to keep dreaming about snakes is an evil dream. Snake is a symbol of a a demon.Remember in the garden of Eden about the serpent which came to deceive Eve in a form of a snake. God is revealing to you to stand up and fight the snake demon after your life. A Snake can kill and also prevent you from going where you want to go. The dream is a vision. The best way to conquer is to first live right with God, use the weapons of God, fast and pray by using the blood of Jesus and any weapon the word of God talks about and you will defeat that demon.

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      You are under attack spiritually. Submit yourself to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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      Shalom People of God,

      I am back again, well to thank God for his marvelous ways of doing things.
      I have been seriously praying since the beginning of this year. I had another dream,my aunt was in the dream, she looked so low and she asked her mother (who is my grandmother) about the meaning of snakes, and my grandmother responded saying snakes are altars. So I directly knew I have to breakdown every altar that stands against God in my life. So my prayers were all about breaking ancestral altars and erasing whatever spiritual convenants that I was in.
      Two weeks ago I dreamt I was in a room, with my mum, and my mum’s friend. And then a lady came in and said there are these animals called “Oathspaths”who are very deadly creatures and they are in the room that we should find where they are and we should be careful of them. We started searching on every chair(the room looked like a class, full of chairs), My mum didnt seem to see anything, and she was going fast ahead of me, But I did see them because I checked under the chairs too. But goodthing the “oathspaths” looked like they were dead. We took them out and collected them in one place. Then that lady came back and was surprised we found them, and I woke up. I tried to search if there is any snake called OathsPath but I didnt find anything on google. Because the animals looked like snakes, they just had smaller heads.

      For me it looked like Victory though I need to continue praying. I have physically and spiritually felt better than before. I am closer to God now, I do not have fear, I am in good relationship with my friends and people around me without being too rigid. Halleluya!

      This website is helping me so much to understand God, and I cant wait to unfold what God has in store for me.

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