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      Hi, I had the following dream last weekend which came to mind after reading the latest prophetic word. I know it’s quite detailed and considered picking out the key bits but it all seemed so specific.

      We (myself and people I know but couldn’t distinguish them in the dream just felt I knew them) are in what appeared to be an expensive shoe shop with the owner assisting us. The shoes are on sale racks and while assisting us she (the owner) tries to sell us something else…something silver. I agree to buy it. I spot some boots that I think I like but somebody else with me fancies a pair too and the pair on the rack is actually their size.

      The shop owner who was assisting us had a strange “no touch” policy she was the only one who could touch any of the shoes and hold it up for us. Anyway, despite this I instinctively reached out to pick up a pair of boots and realised that the sole had absolutely no grip and the style wasn’t what I’d thought. I felt obligated to buy the boots as the lady had been very attentive and spent lots of time with us but then decided I didn’t want them, wouldn’t wear them so changed my mind.

      I tried to look at other boots, the lady insisted on helping me, she wanted to find out about the soles on my current shoes, by this point I didn’t really want to discuss my current boots and felt like this lady was forcing her help on me and being nosey. She sits down and I notice that she is wearing a floral/navy top she has short grey hair but even though she sits next to me she turns her head so I don’t ever really see her face.

      I stand up as I spot some boots with similar soles to mine. Again I instinctively pick them off the rack. I realise then that when I initally look at the shoes/boots they appear to be of a good quality but once I’ve picked them up or they’ve been handled they are actually really cheap looking and poor quality. The lady walks off to get ???? to assist me.

      Ultimately, I decide against getting any shoes but while in the shop we’re then shown some “unique” pieces of silver (maybe it was a set of 10 rings??) which were special because of the way that they were made/where they had been discovered? It seemed like a good investment so I agreed to buy them but whenever I got to the till to pay something happened to prevent me.

      The dream gets sketchy but focuses back in where I return to the shop and there is a queue at the till and it is busier. I wait my turn and when I finally get to the front the cashier is curt and seems irritable and says-
      “.. something’s changed slightly (I think with regards to the silver rings), you can buy them as they are…but we’re really busy now so you’ll have to come back another time to look at them…”
      It felt like she was the owner lady, but she looked different somehow.

      By this point I’m like what?? You’ve just served everybody else, even though it’s busy, I’ve been waiting in line patiently and now you’re being rude about assisting me/selling items you showed me? I left the shop with no intention to return. I felt quite confused by her behaviour but as I went to leave, I occurred to me that the lady was annoyed that I didn’t purchase the rings before/wanted me to come back when the shop was quieter.

      Later in the dream, there is a group of us on some sort of site/tour. Their is a lady with really cropped grey hair and round glasses giving us the history of a building (I think it was called “The Old Refectory” written in gold)…

      The building was closed but apparently they had refurbished the whole thing and found in the outer walls steam from a valve collecting and actually created some sort of first precious metal ever found…a type of primitive silver. The tour lady opens a box with samples – they look interesting and have little figures moulded on – they are not shiny (as I would expect silver to be) instead they are speckled grey and white with a sort of obsidian layer – they are cut into cuboid like shapes.


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      I just realised I didn’t actually ask what I wanted to, which is I wondered if anyone had any ideas/interpretation of the dream.


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      This dream is telling you to invest in Gold, not silver. (“Old Refectory”) The value of it (silver), as well as other goods, is being manipulated (what the first part of the dream is showing you. That’s why she didn’t want you to touch the stuff). Later in the dream, I believe it is showing how silver will further be manipulated, as a claim about real or true precious silver will be made to downgrade the silver being pushed for sale in the first dream. You represent the public as a whole in the dream.

      I would not say my response is a prophetic interpretation, just more of a wise response. I could totally be wrong.

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      Thanks for your response Brittany.

      In the last paragraph, I recall the tour guide opening a box with moulded, cuboid-shaped figures/samples. I described one of the layers as obsidian but now realise it could have actually been onyx.

      Also, there was another layer to the samples that looked like yellow, crystalised fruit or something. I’d never seen anything like it before so disregarded it. But I now realise it was a layer of bdellium (only because I looked it up after reading about it in Genesis 2:12 and it reminded of the dream).

      Don’t know but still seeking an interpretation for this dream.


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      Hello Guest,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I think that your dream is speaking to the direction for your life, that is the path you should talk and/or walk in (perhaps a job/role etc.)you should take and have been contemplating. The woman could represent the Holy Spirit/God/Spirit of Wisdom (have a look at Proverbs and Isaiah 11:2) showing you the direction to take which will be redemptive and/or lead to restoration. You need to make a commitment which could represent the lady being a bit frustrated with you.
      Perhaps yourself and others having been weighing certain or potential jobs/ministries and the value and worth of each. You need to hear and act accordingly about your own and specific walk and not be adversely influenced by others.


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      Correction*path you should take. Please look up passages in Proverbs where wisdom is personified as a woman:)


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