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      I had a dream and I saw my family, my mother was there too. I had three intense orgasms from masturbation and I was told that the masturbation was what was keeping my family from progressing. It was up to me to pray for the deliverance of my family. In the dream, my family was shiny, we were wearing beautiful white and blue. We looked rich. However, the dream seemed to suggest the masturbation as the reason the family wasn’t progressing as it should. However, after I prayed for deliverance for the family, we looked lackluster and drab. Because of this in the dream I begun to doubt if my prayers worked.
      When I woke up from the dream it was exactly 12am. I felt defeated. I have been having sexual dreams, I begun fasting and prayed against it, and I haven’t had them since. I prayed before going to bed against sexual dreams, soaking every part of my being in the blood of Jesus so I don’t understand why I had this kind of dream. I don’t masturbate, I don’t watch anything with sexual content as I watch tv with my child. I don’t understand where this is coming from, especially as I have been fasting and praying against sexual dreams.
      Please help me if you can with any answers that you might have.

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