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      Elizabeth L Sixkiller

      In my dream “Satan” is in the form of a verry charasmatic, good looking, knowledgable in sexual things,he doesnt speek. All throughout my dream everywhere i go hes there trying to get me in a certain sexual position. Sometimes i accept, but sometimes i just go about my buisness. What do you make of this dream?

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      They are demonic and he is trying to form a bond and make covenant with you. Sexual dreams are never good. Never.

      You need to break covenant with this spirit. If you are single you will always be single. If you are married it will ruin your marriage. This is what you call a spirit husband, and who wants to be married to a demon? Remember, sex is only OK in the covenant of marriage. Rebuke it, break ties with it as soon as you read this.

      The next time you have these dreams you need to rebuke it immediately denounce it and tell those spirits you are not in covenant with them and never will be. Cut ties.

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      I’ve had a very similar dream but I did not see the person face only felt their body. Most of this activity has started once again after I prayed the prayer for breaking soul ties. I noticed that something evil has been touching my right hand and I tried to scream “don’t you touch me. And I started calling on Jesus I could not move but I do know I was not in a deep sleep I recall seeing daylight and a pressure on my body. I have an extra lock inside that I am only able to unlock.

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      Hi Lenora,

      Pray the soul tie prayer again and ask the Lord to show you if there is anyone that you forgot about that you need to break ties with. Also, ask God to reveal to you who is this spirit that is visiting your home. If could be evil or someone who has astral projected into your room. Either way, it is of the devil and needs to be rebuked.

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      Had a similar dream, what about if it’s sexual dreams about my husband? Is that still bad?

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