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      i had a dream that i was in my own house waking up getting out of bed walking to the kitchen and coming across an image above the sink of my sister hanging from a crusifix and as i got closer she transformed into a demond faced elderly woman wearing a nightgown and slippers as if she was in a trance just very loudly growling and moaning doing this evil chuckling levitating down and slowly walking down my hallway into the bathroom.

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      Hi Cindy,

      Do you watch horror movies on television? Yes, I have to ask that because this is what this sounds like. If you’re not doing this are there people in your house who are doing this? You have to be careful what you watch on TV because this can let demonic spirits into your house. Also, someone in your house could be playing video games that are demonic which can also bring this kind of presence into your home

      If this is a recurring dream it appears you need to cleanse your house from evil presence and discontinue the behavior that is allowing them into your home.

      Recurring dreams happen when there are unresolved issues. Until the issue is resolved those dreams will continue to happen. So the bottom line is, until you cleanse your house of this evil presence you will continue to have this dream

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      I dream I flew over a cliff and as in the air I was just praying God where am I going to end up, I know I am going with you but how am I going to die?

      second dream was horrible it had to do with sex and I am not married anymore nor do I desire it.

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      I live alone, never watch horror or demonic movies….I love Pureflix or watching Joyce Meyer, and worship music. So no I don’t do any thing that would welcome such spirits into my home. I prayed and anointed every part of my little place with oil and so I don’t understand…

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      Hi Grace, it is good that you prayed and anointed the house because there is definitely a demonic spirit there. You need to pray and ask God to show you where these spirits are coming from. What doors do you have open in the spirit that is giving them access.

      Having sex in a dream is making covenant with demons. So you need to rebuke that as well.

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      Dear Grace,
      I hope this message reaches you. This side of heaven, all God’s children are vulnerable to attack, and shouldn’t be surprised by this, but it is written “Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. We do this by fixing our eyes on Jesus, our hope, our salvation, declaring Whose we are, pleading his precious blood which cleanses us from all unrighteousness, declaring Jesus’ mighty name- our Lord, Ephesians 6 putting on the armour of God, holding up our shield of faith, and wielding the sword of the Sprit which is the Word of God (eg.”praise be to God who guards my head in the day of battle”, and “an undeserved curse shall not come to rest”). Declare out loud that you reject the dream in the name of Jesus, turn your back on it, put it behind you, and immediately turn in praise to Jesus- the lover of your soul, thanking Him that you were bought with a price, and that your body, soul and spirit belong exclusively to Him. Tell the Lord God how much you love Him, and long for Him to work mightily in your life. Every time you are afflicted, just run to Jesus, praise Him, declare your faith in Him, and the end result is in time you will be even stronger in the Lord and able to help others with the help you have received as He has strengthened you by His Spirit. Test the spirits. When you receive a thought and are unsure of its origin, just say “if it’s from you Lord I accept it, and if it’s not then I reject it”, in Jesus’ name. Do have a listen to some of the teachings by Derek Prince (has also written many books) and Dan Mohler, both very different characters, but definitely men of God. Their teachings have helped me understand my identity in Christ. Blessings in His Name.

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      Hi Grace, if the devil can’t get you in the day he will try in your dreams. Apply the blood of Jesus over your dream before going to bed and ask the Lord to give you seeet sleep. He ssid he will read the scripts in Psalm regarding peaceful sleep
      Read about God’s love for you. Say out loud “I am the righteousness of God in Christ. Christ is the Anointed One and he is anointed to set the captive free. Tell the devil no I’m not having that crap you’re trying to bring on me. Don’t put up with it if you know you have open any doors to the devil. Stay bless.

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      Richard S

      Dear sisters and brothers on this important topic. At times there is pain in the night but joy comes in the morning. I pray to God to have His way with my thoughts even in the night. For the most part He allows me to get peaceful rest which I ask for. But at times I find myself yearning for His word right around 4am. I get up and read and fellowship with Him. Being that I am venerable to Him,He protects me from all impurities. I call this preventive maintenance. A bit of an effort,but greatly rewarding. In His love. Richard S

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