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      My 33 year son Adam, has PTSD, feels numb, guilty and is in such a depressed state that his total personality has changed. He was in a MRAP vehicle when it struck an IED by Kirkuk, Iraq.

      Just broke up with his fiancé of 4 years who we believe has a Jezebel spirit…he had deep, spiritual ties with her. We are presently in the process of finding a counselor and he doesn’t want us to spend the money….but we are moving forward.

      All he does is stay in his room and watches television , plays video games and is pursuing a nurses degree.

      He used to go to church and loved God but now, doesn’t want prayer and has fallen away from God. He has 7 of the 14 signs of suicide but doesn’t ever talk about ending his life ( thank God for that!)

      Thank you!

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