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      Lord protect Alejandro and his wife and children lord they have two next door neighbor lord that has harass and bully this family because there the youngest on the street and they have children and Alejandro wife is pregnant with the there 5th child oh lord these neighbors hate children and has threaten to harm them and has told them to sell the house that they have live in for 9 years with zero problems and these ladies rent there house and the other just bought the house in which she knew there was small children living here But these two neighbors has cause a lot of issues all over the street with other people and these neighbors like to gossiop all over the street about them lord and other people so lord break up the group of Mr Mrs Miles, Judy, Pat, Ms craword let them all go there different ways and stop them from meeting oh lord And lord remove PatJordan and Ms Crawford from the neighborhood for good find them a much better place to live with more space between neighbors oh lord. lord Ms Crawford and Pat Jordan has made a lot of false report on this family to try to get the cops and other aurtherys to force them to sale there house only because ms Crawford and pat Jordan hates young people and small children and kids and pregrant mommy for being pregrant again please lord remove these two neighbors off the street and neighborhood and find them a new place to rent oh lord that is much better

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      Praying for this situation. Please take a look at this prayer for bullying

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