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    This may sound strange, but I have had a recurring dream for a couple of months regarding pregnancy- as if I am pregnant. The dream is so incredibly realistic that it is as if I can see and feel a child moving inside me.
    Not sure if this is simply a matter of being surrounded by many pregnant women- at least 10 or so in my Bible Study group, several friends/family members, etc. I am also seriously troubled by NY’s approval of late-term abortion, so that has been on my heart.
    Pregnancy is not at all on the radar for my husband and me- we have three girls who are 16,13, and 11. My husband also had a vasectomy at least 10 years ago.
    We have been praying for breakthrough in some major areas, and I am working through the January fast- rather slowly because there’s a lot to work through! But it’s a work in progress! I don’t know if the pregnancy dreams are related to the unseen work God is doing that is nearly ripe for manifesting in our life, or if I’m simply surrounded by too many pregnant people right now (lol!)??
    I would greatly appreciate any insight.
    I am soooo grateful for this ministry! God bless!

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