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      I have been meaning to send this testimony since June, but the event was just too overwhelming in a good way at the time. I was in awe for quite a while. I didn’t see how I would be able to tell the condensed version. I don’t think I can, but I’m sharing anyway because I don’t believe any of it would have turned out as it did if I hadn’t read the word on praying in tongues when dealing with the spirit of delay. I’m sorry it’s long, but nothing is dull with God – so this isn’t a dull story.

      Okay. So, a week-or-less-or-so after I received your email instructing us to pray in tongues when it comes to the spirit of delay, I had the opportunity to put it to the test.

      During down-time at work I went to the mall down the street from where I work to return something. As I was walking toward the door of the mall I was texting some friends in a group text. Before I reached the door I dropped my phone in my bag and walked to the door. As I got in front of the door it seemed like it got hazy. A young man exiting the mall opened the door as I was approaching. He held it open for me, but I stepped to the side because I saw two other people behind him about to exit. I smiled and said “thank you” to let him know I appreciated the gesture. A couple behind him, the man in front and woman behind walked through the door he held open. As they were going by and I was stepping up to enter through the door to get inside the mall, I quickly turned to look at them. It was a long stare that felt like a minute, but was only seconds. Even though I was staring at them, I still didn’t quite see their faces and I was looking right at them. As I was turning away from watching them I thought to myself, “why did I just turn and look at them? That woman could think I was trying to stare at her boyfriend.” I mean because that would be what I thought…Lol.

      So, I’m in the mall and go into the first store about twenty or so steps from the front door. I was even surprised at myself for going into the store because it wasn’t my kind of store, but I was desperate for some silver sandals for a trip and was looking everywhere at this point. I was barely inside when the young man who originally opened the door for me came back and said, “excuse me, miss, you dropped your phone outside.” I was confused because I swore I put it in my bag. I look in my bag and, yeah, he’s right, it’s not there. My next thought was, “well why didn’t you carry it with you inside and tell me?” But, I simply said, “thank you.” I really was grateful, if not confused at the choice to keep it outside on the pavement. So, I go outside and look on the steps and ground and see nothing. He said, “it was just there.” I say, “okay,” and look some more. I look across the lot and I see the couple I stared at in a mini van and I look too long again – staring – and I think about asking them if they saw my phone and decide against it for no real reason other than thinking, “well, if they saw it, why would they take it?” I mean they didn’t look like they would need to take my phone.

      So, I walk further out into the lot to retrace my steps and no phone. I look at them one last time and the women sees me, but I turn away and go back into the mall to see if maybe it’s inside the mall now – even though that makes no sense. Hey, maybe someone took it to the store I was in. I need to mention that even though I saw the woman and looked at both of them in the car, I still couldn’t actually see them. It was like a haze or blur. To be honest, it reminded me of the time I spoke at my Mom’s funeral and I couldn’t see the faces of the people in the audience when I went to give an impromptu speech in her honor.

      So once I realize the phone is gone, I no longer want to make my return and I head back to work. As I’m driving I remember the article and I begin to pray in tongues. Oh, the phone I lost was less than a week old (a new phone) and I didn’t have money to purchase a new one, so I was a bit distraught for that reason and more. I get back to work and tell my close friend I lost my phone. I explain it to him and he asks the same thing, “well, why didn’t the guy bring it to you instead of leaving it outside. That’s dumb.” I said, “I know” but didn’t want to put energy into discussing that because that would be a waste of time and energy. He suggests I go back to the mall to lost and found. I didn’t want to do it, but somehow he made me believe maybe someone turned it in. Before I left I logged into my account so he could do some kind of ping or “find my phone” thing or something. I’m not a techie, but he is.

      So, I go back to the mall. I’m driving and praying in tongues the whole way there. I had no alternative. I was really praying in faith. I had to believe God’s word and the word you shared. Get to lost and found and it wasn’t there. I filled out some kind of form and left. I wasn’t discouraged or sad. I just said, “well, God, you know I can’t get another phone right now. I don’t have extra money. It will work out. You know I need a phone. It will work out. There’s no other alternative.

      So, get back into the car and pray in tongues again because, “why not, right?” That word on the spirit of delay really spoke to me and I mean I was dealing with it, right? Yeah. I get in the office and guess what? My coworker found my phone and had spoken to the people who had it and everything. As soon as I got in, he walked up to me with a piece of paper with a phone number and address on it and said, “Here, go get your phone.” I said, “huh, what, You found it?” “Yes,” he said with an attitude, but not at me and the people. He explained how he located it using the “find my phone” thing and then calling the phone, which made them answer. He said, he was about to cuss the guy out because he was rude, but he caught himself because he didn’t wanna get in the way of me getting my phone back. He said, the guy’s girlfriend ended up taking the phone from him and was nicer and told my friend where I could get it. He said he asked them, “if you found the phone at the mall, why would you take it with you to your house?” Guess where there house was? Thirty minutes away from the mall. I then asked the same thing, “why would they take the phone with them to the house instead of turning it in or leaving it on the ground?” Then I thought, I bet you it’s that couple I passed. I explained that part to my cowoker and he shook his head. Then I had the thought to ask him to go with me. I asked my boss if he could come with me and he said, “yeah, sure.” I told my friend/co-worker that since I didn’t know the area that well, and I’m not the best driver, I would feel better if he drove, which he did, thank God. I also thought it was a good idea to have a man with me–he’s a big guy.

      Okay, so we finally approach the house and I see the van. I said, that’s the van of the couple I passed at the mall. My friend just shook his head and said he would stay in the car. I said, “Okay, but watch me. Make sure they don’t do anything.” I was kinda joking and serious. He shook his head like, “duh.” So, I knock on the door and this pretty woman opens the door. I said, “hi, I’m here to pick up my phone.” She shakes her head and then closes the door to go get it. She comes back with it. I take it and then she said, “was that your Dad on the phone?” In my mind, I’m like, “huh? My Dad? I’m not a kid” and then it dawns on me. “Oh, she thinks I’m younger than I am.” I say that because of what I was wearing. At the last minute that morning I decided to change my outfit and wear some overalls. I told myself I shouldn’t wear them mainly because who wears overalls, and they make me look like a kid, but I wanted to be comfy and I was feeling artsy. I was also wearing an afro puff and wearing a mask…so I could see how I could be taken for a younger person whose Dad was defending her on the phone. To answer her question, I said, “no, that’s my co-worker.” She looked a little surprised or confused. Anyway, I say thank you again, and “God bless you” and walk away. Then I’m surprised I say “God bless you” because, I mean, they took my phone, but it was the right thing to do. If anything I thought, “if I wish blessings on thrm maybe they’ll think twice about taking someone’s phone to their house next time.

      So, I am thanking God as I walk back to the car. I thank my friend when I get in the car and tell him I got my phone back ultimately because I prayed in tongues to defeat the spirit of delay and told him all about the article. I then text my sisters the whole ordeal and my one sister who used to watch too much I.D. Channel (praise God she’s doesn’t anymore) said she was glad I got my phone back but never go to anyone’s home again. “That’s what killers and sex traffickers do,” she said and then proceeded to share a couple of stories from the show. I said, “never thought of that. Okay, I won’t. Thanks for telling me.” I then proceeded to praise God even more and thank him for his protection, which included allowing my friend to come with me. I thanked him for using my friend to help and I thank him for you too MOP for the instructions…and for my other sister who introduced me to this site.

      That’s it. What a miracle, huh? God is so good. I’ve been praying in tongues more ever since. It works! God bless you and all who follow this site in Jesus name, Amen!!

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      Hi Ravin,

      Wow! That is some testimony. Your sister brought up a good point. It made no sense why they would take the phone home especially when they saw you looking around outside. That should’ve indicated to them that you lost something which should’ve prompted them to ask if you the question.

      You know, when we pray in tongues we are communicating with God and with angels by our spirit and it bypasses our mind. This is the beauty of it because even the things we don’t know gets prayed in tongues by the spirit. Gpd and the angels know exactly what was going on and this protected you. It is clear what was lost was recovered and also you were protected through tongues.

      Praise God for His faithfulness. Thank you so much for sharing!

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