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      please pray for me, at my work place the assistant manager wanted to lay me off work and her sister is the spa therapist whom I assist at the they decided to lay me off work and keep the therapist(Monique), but the higher managers decided to keep me on because they didn’t make the decision , it was the assistant manager’s decision, but now something scares me because the spa therapist came and was researching the lodge society secret hand shake and she grip my hand and shake my hand the same way and I thought she was only trying to demonstrate it, but they it is bothering me why she will even do that. I’m not a believer of the lodge because I feel there is some dark hidden secret about it deceiving others to be a good society but I believe that there is some dark influence behind the good that is hidden to deceive the world, and that’s why I’m sending this prayer request because for whatever reason Monique shake my hand in that way whether it was to demonstrate or what I want that hand shake to be reversed in the mighty name of jesus.please pray god protection over my life and that that hand shake be dismissed and reversed, in Jesus name. Amen.thank you for your prayers and god bless you.

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      Hi Sue, Is the company related to or affiliated with the secret society?

      If you are not sure you should ask. Just pray to God that He will break all unholy covenants, in Jesus Name.

      If you find out that they are indeed connected to a secret society then you need to start looking for another job. God could be making sure that you know what you are involved with.

      Have peace.

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