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      Dominic Alfonso

      Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ
      Greeting to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
      I am Dominic Alfonso , from Karachi Pakistan , Believer in Christ , Requesting you for prayer Request in Urgent manner
      In middle of financial crises , facing every year from May to October , you can say it’s the same every year , I face this problem , I lose all my tuitions and end up with all my savings ,
      I have felt every year I send emails to you my brother and sisters in Christ ,for this reason and the cloud of darkness fades away but as soon as it month of May it stars happening ,
      But this year every time I had tried to write to you something or the other comes up that distracts me from writing , right now I totally depressed , in middle of nowhere to turn but to God and you friends who can pray for me , and stand with me in prayer in unity that this problem may finish and I may get nice tuitions that I may be able to feed my family and pay the rent of the house and do other things
      The root of these crises lies in my past where my mother who was a non believer, or you can say a pagan , and I had accepted Christ as my personal savior.
      That which my mother didn’t like and had disowned me from her life and from all the Property, and started doing black magic to me, (which she had said that she will do for me, for leaving catholic church ) From that day of the month of May 1994 till now every year its May to October , this thing is in full control of me .
      I know that this is Bondage of my past which gets activated every year in the month of May and remains till October and so on some times , this only breaks down when I pass prayer request to brothers and sisters like who always stand with me in faith and pray
      I am rally thank full to you friends in Christ who always pray for me ,
      And also pray for my family as well.
      Dominic Alfonso

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