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      Sandra Ranney

      Hello MOPS team,

      First of all, it had been some time that I had been praying on a couple of things. One as you might recall is related to ongoing injury to my knees, which had gotten so bad and to the point where it was painful to walk up or down my home stairs. There was a point in time where I really felt like I was healing and then one morning one of my knees buckled up so badly that it brought me to tears. Time has passed and I have been feeling better, but still pain continued. As I have prayed for Jesus’s healing blood to cover my injuries and please bring me healing, I have also been studying about the seasons and times in the Hebrew calendar. I found that May was the month Iyar, the month of healing and your message of the month of healing. WOW! As we entered the month of May, I have been feeling more and more healing as each day passes!! I have mentioned before I believe this is the enemy and not a true injury. I believe this more than ever now. Every time I feel even the slightest pain, I pray that Jesus cover me in His healing blood and as soon as I pray this, the pain just goes away. Literally, gone!! The enemy is relentless. But Jesus responds every single time!! Thank you Jesus! Please continue to pray for me for complete and whole restoration! I need prayers desperately!

      Second, I am a contingent worker at my company and have been for about two years for my company. I had been praying for sometime for this to transition to a full-time position. At some point, I stopped praying, thinking if it is God’s will it will happen. About one month ago a peer (who is a full-time employee), said she got a promotion to another department. She recommended to our new manager that I get converted to this new full-time position. I asked her if it was okay that I talked to our manager about the opportunity. My manager and I met and he said that there were three people he was considering to hire and I was second on the list of the three. He sounded very optimistic about my chances to be converted. I was thrilled to hear the news and could hardly believe it was happening to me! A couple of weeks later we (my manager/ me) had another check-in and I asked how things were going. This time he seemed a bit less enthusiastic. I read your prophetic word how no one can take my crown. Prior to your word, starting around the end of April, I kept hearing in my heart strongly and felt the Lord truly speaking to me almost every single day…”May…, May….. May….every day hearing May. Then, “It is going to happen in May.” “It is going to happen quicker than you think.” Then, “It is yours!” Over and over, and over again. I was sure this was what God was saying to me about this full-time opportunity!

      There are a couple other people that I believe (not in line for this opportunity) competing for our manager’s attention. I am not that kind of person. I will stand back in the background and if I see people get that competitive, I just quietly step out of the picture. Watching this has taken the wind out of my sails and I confess, I see my dream of this full-time position opportunity slipping. God keeps reminding me through His word: “I haven’t dropped you. Don’t panic. I am with you. There is no need to fear for I am your God. I’ll give. You strength. I’ll help you. I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.” It is only through His constant Word that I am holding on to all of what I believe He has promised. My healing, this opportunity for this full-time position. Please pray for me. With both of these prayers, I confess, at one point and time I was blessed with the best of supreme health, never really experienced injury or any serious illness and was also blessed with a full-time job. I wholeheartedly believe that I had to go through a humbling process and because my Father in Heaven loves me too much to leave me like that. I have deeply repented and my deepest regret is how I must have hurt my Father and Jesus’s heart. So my prayer is this. Father in Heaven restore my spirit, mind and heart to be one with yours. When you restore my health, free from injury, help me to use the fully restored and healthy body for your purpose. Also, in this opportunity for a full-time position, let it be a blessing to you and a blessing to many. All of this is yours anyway, not mine. YOURs. May your thoughts be my thoughts and hold me captive to do YOUR will in all the ways you bless me now Father and forever. I don’t know where this path leads. Let my strongest desire to search these answers through YOUR Word, through YOU and YOUR Son Jesus. May I never, ever fall back to the ugliness of my old self. May my every breath and desire be for YOU. Amen

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