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      Hepzibah Mary

      I am desperately in need of prayers, comfort and encouragement. The separation between me and my friend has left me completely broken and devastated. I am deeply hurt. I feel betrayed, disgraced, insulted and humiliated. I also feel lonely, empty and afraid. I need God’s intervention in my life.

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      Mrs A

      I ask for prayer over my life my family’s life my marriage. I am sincere desperation. I have been on and off in a relationship with my partner now husband for 12 years through out this time he has cheated more than once hence us breaking up we decided to give it a go once and for all trying to let go if the past. We have been married 3 weeks and once again he has cheated. He has a sex and gambling addiction we have 2 children I am trying to do the right thing by seeking counselling professionally and from the church. Trying to explore different avenues of coming through this but in all honesty my heart and mind is totally lost. I need help as I don’t no how to get through this this man not only ruined my life but his own imidiate family too through his decite and lies. I no through god anything is possible so I am willing to do what ever I can but I need this man’s heart mind and soul to be delivered as right now there’s one very dark sprits at hand. Please Pray.

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      Praying for you Hepzibah Mary for you heart to be healed from the separation that has occurred in our relationship.

      For you Mrs. A, you need to turn your husband completely over to God. This is your only option. Thy will be done, thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Turn him over and focus on yourself and your children. Give up complete control over the relationship.

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