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      My husband for the second time is choosing to leave the state and move and wants a divorce. He is hurt by his parents divorce and living around them is too much for him so he wants to be “out of site out of mind”. He is not wanting to make our marriage work or stay together because he is so unhappy with his life. We have been married for 4 years and this has been a constant battle. We faced divorce before but my husband on the last day back out after filing and said he wanted to be together still and make things work. I love my husband whole heartedly and want this marriage to work. I want complete healing over him and healing over our marriage. I know God has big plans for him and for us as a couple. I pray that my husband find the joy of the Lord inside of him and choose to be happy, for happiness does not come from others but from inside and be happy with himself. I pray Gods will be done over our marriage. For we are both Christians and were married in a convenient with God and God can restore and renew all. I pray for complete deliverance from all past hurt, past cheating, past lust, anything that was said or done before and asking for complete healing and restoring from all to be able to move on from here and be together completely and be in Gods will and love each other. I am all in this marriage and have never given up on our marriage. But being faced with the same struggle over and over is something I want finished, done, and healed through God to be able to move on together and enjoy being married and start a family together and finally have a happy ending! (yes I know there will still be struggles but if we aren’t facing divorce or separation or outside relationships/lust again is what I mean)

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