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      S. faries

      my mother have been complaining to her doctor for a year now getting worSt with dyspnea and edema getting worst in both legs. form beginning of January het saturation started to drop and today the doctor caME finally to check het and sent her straight to the emergency room ! she is kept in the hospital now to see a doctor. they run test and saw that my mother have both lungs misplaced due to scoliosis with a broken arm due to osteoporosis and a weak heart. there is not much they said they can do for her. now they kept her on oxygen and i am miles away from her. she is in holland and iam in Curacao. i need to travel to her but ther tickets are expensive and almost no seats till 24. i want to ask for a prayer for HEALING FOR MY MOTHER : MRS ATALA FARIES. THAT GOD MIGHT HEALED HER SO TO WHAT THE doctor GAVE HER NO HOPE. BUT GOD HAS THE LAST WORDS ON HER!!PLEASE HELP ME PRAY FOR MY MOM. ASK YOU PLEASE HLEP ME PRAY FOR HEALING FOR MY MOM. !!


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      Father GOD. I stand in agreement with S. Faries concerning her mom. I pray that by Jesus stripes, she is already healed. Father GOD, I pray that every sickness and illness in Mrs. Atala body has been completedly healed and we give you all the glory for her healing. In Jesus name, Amen.

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      Breanna Taylor

      Father in the name of Jesus, I thank you for healing for MRS ATALA FARIES. Lord you asked us in your word whos report will we believe? We believe your report Lord! You said that by your stripes Atala is healed! We thank you for your blood that was shed for her. We thank you for being wounded for her transgressions and for paying the debt for her sins on the cross. Lord we thank you for doctors, nurses and medical staff that believe in the power of Jesus Christ to tend to Atala. We thank you for praying medical staff that will see her and have the compassion of Christ for her. They will love on her with the love of God. Lord, I thank you that her children will be able to see her and witness the miracle that takes place in Jesus name, amen!!

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