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      Ruth Siki

      Dear beloveds in Jesus
      I am a born again Christian, fully believe in Jesus as my only Redeemer & his finish work on the cross. However, I had been through many troubles when my mother died of Hep B & as I went for test, I was also told that I was positive with my sister as well. Local prayer church elders prayed for me & said we fell under curse. Thus we did all the curse removal prayer.
      However, I still see my late dead mother in dream at night which I know it is the evil spirit. I saw your prayer against such spirits & prayed & Jesus delivered me so I slept like a baby.
      Lately I saw this bad dream again & that dead mother talking with me & I ignore here or sometimes talk with her. I understand this is some kind of evil covenant reached. Therefore please pray for me against this & break all bonds, cords & covenants in Jesus name- thank you & please do advise by email the time & when you prayed for me. I believe in Jesus & Jesus alone. In him I breathe & live – Galatians 2:20

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      Ruth, what is your mother saying to you in these dreams?

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