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      I know it seems silly to some in light of the seriousness of the troubles faced by so many requesting prayer here, but could you pray for my dog who has been facing a mystery illness? He’s undergoing a treatment and it seems to be helping, but I’m fearful of a relapse. The next step is a very expensive diagnostic test and the need for this would be very concerning.

      I have worked very hard with this dog, and he has been such a gift to me and for animals and people in the rescue community. His story and rough start is known by many and together, we have had an ongoing effort to bring awareness and funding for animals in need.

      Please also pray for my faith at this time since I am well aware that I’m being tested. Please pray that all doubt is cast from my mind and that I fully trust the Lord in this situation and that he will provide healing for my pet as well as for me as I continue to deal with hurt, doubt, and fear because of my past.

      Thank you SO much!

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      Hello Di, your request is not silly. The bible says that God will perfect everything that concerns us. If it concerns you then it also concerns Him. I pray that they will discover what the mystery illness is and that it won’t be an expensive process. I pray God give you wisdom over His food and an understanding into what you should not and should be feeding him. He is one of God’s creatures and loved by His creator.

      Psalm 138:8
      The Lord will perfect that which concerns me; Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

      The Lord will not forsake the work of His hands which is your precious dog. Be at peace Di.

      God Bless

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