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      marie carmichael

      please would anyone reading this pray for Derek and me (Marie) to become pregnant with what we would both consider to be our miracle baby?? We have been trying since Nov. 2014 to become pregnant and have had one failed ivf, all tests say we both are normal. . very frustrating, discouraging and now becoming heartbreaking. Also, please feel free to email me at if you want to send any prayer tips for encouragement on getting pregnant. Many many thanks! Please pray , the power of prayer can do wonders, we believe, even though, it’s starting to get very difficult for us both to keep the faith sometimes

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      Hi Marie,

      Praying for your successful conception of a child. Trust in God and He will make it happen at the opportune time. I know a few people who became foster parents as they waited on God to fill this need for them. The children have been a blessing to them and took their mind off of this while they loved and nurtured a child who needed it. Perhaps this may be something you and your husband can consider as you wait on God.

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