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      I dreamt I was in a warehouse and there were a bunch of people standing row by row and they were all facing me and they were holding their hands in a cupped form “\/” like this (Like someone about to receive food in their hands). And I was going to each person and was pouring water into their hands from my hand(holding my hand the same way “\/”)and they were drinking water as i was pouring to each person’s hand. But the thing is I didn’t see anything coming out of my hand but I knew I was giving them water. And as they were drinking I was happy and said “I know my gift!!”. And just as I said that I started ascending towards the heavens and the people were just watching me.

      What does this mean? And what spiritual gift would this dream be referring to? Also, what does me ascending suggest?

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      This is a beautiful dream Nikki. Very beautiful. We know that the word of God is water so your gift is to Evangelize people and/or to be a Teacher of the word and share it. All these people are waiting for you to start using this gift so that you can “pour” into their lives. Through you many will be saved. They will be “V”ictorious! The best past is that as soon as you start to pour this gift into others God will take you higher into revelation and spiritual heights (this is your ascension) Amazing! You won’t have to do anything just share the word of God (water). It doesn’t matter how eloquent you are, you just need to share the word and God’s anointing will do the work.

      Avail yourself to Him and He will start showing you how you will use this gift.

      God bless!

      Read these scriptures:
      Proverbs 18:4
      Ephesians 5:26
      John 4:14
      John 7:37-39

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