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      Last week I dreamt I was on a plane with my sister. My seat number was 70 and my sister’s was 1, however we were not sitting at our allotted seats, we were sitting right at the back (similar to back of a bus. Then I noticed our seats and told my sister about it, surprisingly even though she had #1 and I #70 the seats were next to each other. I thought to myself will move later, when we decided to go to our allocated seats some other people were sitting there. Next thing I see my sister had brought the flight attendant (who was sitting in a wheelchair and had sort of deformed face) to ask them to move, and as she was demanding that, the flight attendant sort of pushes her to the side and she falls on the floor. I then come and shout at him with words to the effect’why did you that, that’s not fair…for these are our seats and they need to get up’ and I stood there persisting and he was trying to convince them to move…I then woke up.

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      Hello Hilda,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Yourself and sister need to take your “assigned seats” for “take off!” Reflect on a venture that the two of you might be thinking of embarking or have started. The dream appears to show your roles. Your sister may be the main person (#1) and you might be her support, but it is now time for you (#70).

      The Lord is doing something in both of you and you cannot afford to be nonchalant. I think of Matthew 11:2.


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      Dee T

      Whenever I see or have dreams about airplanes or flights I think of it as spiritual. I wonder if there are some things that are complete in your life or need completing? I think of Phil 1:6 (1+6=7) they the Lord will complete the work He began in you. There is a new beginning with you and your sister; a new level spiritually that you need to go to in order to take flight in the spirit/soar higher in God.

      I’m not into numerology but God does use numbers to speak (think of the Book of Numbers in the old testament). I also thought about 70 being 7+10(ten is the number of commandments and it is being established, “set in stone” so to speak). I definitely believe there is some things that are coming to a completion in your life and the new beginnings (7+1=8) are about to take place. There will be some rearranging and you may not agree with or like how things are going or will go but it’s all for your good (Rom 8:28).

      God bless!


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