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      Please help me, I keep seeing the number (1111) or (111) all day everyday for about 4 months now. Any idea why? I personally feel spirits and know things unforseen things that come to me in dreams or by intuition, but the number thing is puzzling me because I have no clue…Please send me some insight if you are led to..Thanks

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      For months I saw the numbers on the clock turn from 11:11 to 11:12 both day and night. It happened over and over again – all the time – like daily for months. This went on for months — seeing the time flip from 11:11 to 11:12. My Great Dane – super loyal, very sweet and very attached to me dog – Rocky – had been sick for months. One day in July, he could no longer get to his feet. So I called a dog ambulance to come take him to the vet as he was very large and I couldn’t get him into a car. When I got into the ambulance to ride with him, the clock flipped from 11:11 to 11:12 – literally right when I got into the vehicle. At that moment the clock flipped to 11:12, I heard God say to me “I know the time” – Rocky died soon after we got to the vet. A couple of weeks later, when I went to take his ashes home with me, as I got in the car, I happened to notice the clock flip from 11:11 to 11:12.

      I’ve thought about that so often – I don’t see 11:11 and 11:12 that much anymore but when I do it’s a sweet reminder that God knows the timing for everything we care about. It is always a gentle reminder to me to stop and breathe in this crazy world and let God worry about the timing of his plan. He cares about all that concerns us even down to our dogs and their departure. 11/12 is also my youngest child’s birthday. : )

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      That’s beautiful Gloria!


      Concerning 1111, that can mean many things. Sometimes it means there is angelic presence around. The same as seeing 2222 or 3333.

      It can also mean you are going through a transition. As in Gloria’s situation God was alerting her to the fact that her dog was transitioning.

      The next is that it is scripture

      111: 1

      So you go the bible and you look up every bible verse that is 11:11 and you read all of them from Genesis to Revelation until you find the one that fits perfectly.

      This works every time! If you’re worried you won’t know which one it is, believe me you will. The minute you get to the chapter and verse that God is trying to highlight to you you will know it.

      Be blessed!

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      I keep seeing 111. I looked up Revelation 9:1-11. Jesus is coming back soon.

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