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      Hi I dated a man who I think may be a narcissist I did break off any ungodly soul ties quit talking to him March 29 he phoned my parents said I had income tax stuff of his not true he did come to church with me over the summer then quit my best friend told me he was there at church yesterday I don’t mind if he goes to church if he really wants healing and relationship with Jesus if he’s just there to use and abuse people can you pray God will protect any vulnerable people from him sucking the life out of them also he used to be a coworker of mine I like my job but I am prepared to lose it if I have to if that’s the case can you also pray I could find a new job thank you very much

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      Hi Debra, just return any items that you may have that belongs to him or things that he may have given you. Try and stay out of his way the less you around him the better. Don’t give up your job unless God is asking you to do that. We will pray for his deliverance. God bless you.

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