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      Prayers helped save my 8 y/o Miniature Pinscher Tyson. He was sick and they found a tumor in his spleen. We thought it was cancer. I prayed every day for Tyson. I was scared but I did my best to keep my faith and trust that God would listen to my prayers and help him get better. I put Tyson in God’s hands and He watched over him while Tyson was hospitalized. At the end, thankfully the tumor was a benign hematoma, not cancer they still had to remove his spleen and Tyson is now recovering from his surgery at home. I want to share this story because Tyson originally had an allergic reaction that made his stomach very sick. As a result, the vet decided to do an ultrasound and that is how they found the mass. If Tyson wouldn’t have gotten sick in the first place, we would’ve never known about his growth and it would’ve eventually ruptured his spleen and caused internal bleeding. I 100% believe that God did this with the purpose of saving Tyson and I will always be grateful. God bless our fur babies!

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      Amen!!! Thank you for sharing Gabriela. We serve a faithful God!

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