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      I am not liking the pattern of continuance that brings these monitoring legion formed ill people here. There developed ways are not wanting to be tolerated. I have a will for my own family & the misuse of tongue & covet for something for them is not wanting to continue. Waking up to a group full of Satan & them wanting to act so Studious is horrible. I don’t need things inside that I’m not able to tell people about because the impurity is so bizarre.
      Please pray root out & to pass over. Being abused sexually by this group should have a punishment- in the world people go to prison- thank-you for giving this to the Lord. I am a disabled veteran & life is hard enough. I am working on a business disabled & being dissected & used for some flamboyance by these suit wearing group is OPRESSION not wanted. My intelligence is not wanting to hand nothing to satan to spread this illness around. I am being stalked all day & abused to the chair- with sex spells, a birthing game- My right shoulder isn’t caring for holding my hand over my sex part at night so the abuse of some midgets spell game can’t do anything. I wake up with my heart beating fast & I have enough on my plate. I am needing set free. Thank-you for continued intercessory prayer. Thank-you for your site with this for people with this subject matter going through. I have a Mormon friend in with the holies & a catholic. I do not have my 10% tithe – but am faithful with giving the first of my money. I have been swearing & I am not a person with this- because of the abuse & I do go for a walk daily & hope goes. 2 years. I have shared in the Federal Legislature about the length of time to compensation for some type of injuries & how the door had the enemy & tithe isn’t increasing & even to the mayor office one day. This volunteer dwarf sits in the senior center – where I had an appointment with the Veterans Group that comes once a month- I had felt something to the chair & stood up.

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      Am so happy tonight am not a reading type but i read your articles about familiar spirit, after praying tonight i ask God what is familiar spirit , cos i narrate my dream in my house fellowship center and was told is familiar spirit i dont understand the meaning cos my background is a muslim before i converted to chritian so i deided to check google and find your write up its amazing , cos everything writing is talking about me i thank holy spirit but pls pray more me, cos i knw prayer is the key , will be glad to here your reply i believe God is taking me somewhere , thank you and God bless you…

      N. B. You really to open my eyes i must confess

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      Hi Abisola, These spirits actually exist and they are all over the bible. There is a misconception in the church that once you are saved or you convert to Christianity then all of these things leave instantly. This is just not true. We see it even with the Christians in the bible. We are at war in the spirit realm and we need to stay fighting – not with people but with spiritual forces that are against us. The difference as a Christian is that you fight from a place of victory and not of defeat. We know how the story ends and we have the resurrection power of Christ within us.

      This is a series that I would recommend for you to watch and pray and this will certainly help to bring freedom to your life.

      May God continue to bless you and pour into your life abundantly. We will remember you in prayer continually.

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