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      Thank-you for this prayer request spot that you have here. Thank-you for your specializing in this subject matter. It’s hard to keep going through this. The who did what & why & who overpowers and what their game is. I’m burnt out, drained- the season has gone on to long. But I’m having exposure in my community and with people to this. It’s all the extra time. They act like I’m being babysat in my own home & that I’m suppose to be under their authority. How belittling and degrading with so much disrespect and discourteousness. The business rolodex and all the email & personal mail & the recipes and the how I cook, the watch in the bathroom- 24/7 I have had enough. Did someone think I didn’t have enough to do all day? Legalism that I didn’t get my gold star. Judgemental that they can’t see my injuries- 11. The mistakes in my file 4 times- my income being monitored by these people & they are wanting me not to have dental care provided for by not having the money- the controllers- telepathic witches- They want to hurt & pay back if not accepted. I’m not a co-dependent. God help me to get through this & that the relatives STRIFE & toxic tongue stay away. If my friiends accident was due to any of these for their right to RAPE my business- CAN A RIGHTEOUS MAN REPRIMAND, CHASTISE THEM AND HAVE THEM IN THEIR OWN HOMES or to mental facilities. Amen. With poltergeist and me not being the first person- what is prayed or done for their abuse??? I am overloaded and night abuse to me. Wake up not well rested. And I’m athletic & they want to eat up my money so my diet is bad & they sit & listen in telepathic. Lord help me to be set apart and made holy and please don’t allow this any longer. Thank-you for using me & can this be done now. Can no one be hurt by these people pushing & shoving for greed, theft & cleanliness covetness and credentiality without work. The blessing from the Lord- they want copy of. I miss my private home and peaceful abode. Since my Mother passed away- the father with her that divoriced & had alcohol his whole life is in here – he walked out of my body one day and back in. And another time. I just long for my wholeness & fruits back.

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      Praying for you Teresa

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