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      Thank-you for being missionaries of prayer intercession on the internet. I am having these spirits to read what is being writtern at this time. Every move I make or do- they are in my face. And I reject these words from manifesting & I rebuke this activity from my home, life & being. In the name of Jesus Christ almighty. amen & glory to God.

      The reason for this prayer is to place this that I’m going to share below before the Lord- for him to help- What would the Lord do?

      They want to mindwash me & invite themselves to my home because the son decides that he also wants a business- so he self-invites & gets in throught misusing the food bank & wants to program that I have to help someone for the Lord to help me. All day & all night stalking/abusing for them to be the big man in charge. I do not have nothing but oppression & sexual abuse & the little dwarfs all day wait for any data they can steal.

      They are not here from God. I want them out. What to do? I started to give extra $ tithe & to read verses from a monitoring spirit remover ministry. I am having books to read. I am also disabled & I am working & that is hard enough when the tyrants of hell are in here. My home has it’s schedule for me to function & do my business & I don’t need some nosey disrespectful person & his flock of needing drama, entertainment, attention people in here.

      Lord- Please give me discernment & have your holy spirit come. I have been swearing & am not a swear person- because of having to tolerate this & wake up & tired of it & its language. Enough is enough. If the sister in the church is having her trials, her schedule formation for me- I reject legalism & jelousy of her to my being at home & having a check. I have many disabilities & need dysfunctional spiritual people to not be here. They are putting oppression & standing like deaf eared, don’t care, greed, steal, covet.

      Thank-you for your prayer. The Lord is blessing me in the midst of all of this.

      And the night time is having a midget to go to the mattress to my body & when I wake up my heart is beating fast & I am drained, tired – please pray archangel Michael or whomever can help stop these tyrants that got in – no more sexual spells to the chair & night time sex abuse. I am holding my hand over my private section & was hurting my posture. These midgets are mean. How do I get them out of here? I called the senior center & told them this is still continuing- it came in through there. I had an appointment with the veterans program. Can this group not get away with this? I don’t want to forgive or love these people that are abusing. They did this to one before me. She is not alive- but she had went to the police station. Thank-you for your prayer.
      And this to shall pass.

      They put spells into my sexual part- to mind control & they play a birthing game.

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