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      Hi, Ive recently dreamt various dreams (flashes) apologies for a lengthy one.
      ranging from
      1. serpents
      2. Eating / someone serving me food/ or being in company others that only then are eating
      3. Focus of the eye – coming close to me
      4. images of people that I know but sort of disfigured
      5. I saw two women walking in an hall room one wearing full white the other casual clothing – I see then the woman wearing white turning into multiple women wearing white and it was focusing on their eyes
      6. I saw a tanned man with gold outfit sitting on a chair (like a kings chair or something) and had a mark on his forehead
      7. I saw another tanned big man With dreadlocks style of hair – wearing black outfit – as if he had rank/ or status by the black full garment he was wearing. At first thought he was a genuine but as I looked closer to his face it turned into a disfigured image as he was talking to some people I don’t know.
      8. I also a a man with black sunglasses wearing white shirt looking at me and then that disappeared but I straight away see another man and then the face turns to a beast.
      9. I saw mum was standing and stashing at the top of a cupboard in the house set of large vases so close to each other that they were about to all fall however they didn’t but a small white plate amongst them fell and so did mum – she fell on her back & I ran up to her and worried if she’s been hurt as she was crying, the plate was behind her, but unsure what happened to it didn’t look like it was broken. Fyi the actual style/ print of these vases we have them at home for quite some time now in the form of tea cups/ plates.
      10. I recently dreamt someone in the image of someone I know, wanting to give me gold necklaces but also there was another necklace that had evil eye print (the one where it’s blueish looking). I woke up straight away from that dream.
      11. This is in relation to the above (10). This morning I saw (looked similar I think if not the same to the above dream) that gold necklace is inside a sort of glass bottle/jar but without the other necklace with the evil eye. The glass bottle was not closed.

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      Also dreamt being in sexual act but it was sort vague – don’t recall exactly how or I was just observing.

      Few day earlier (on the first day) I saw that I was walking in fire in a strange room and also saw myself walking in a sauna about to be naked whilst men were inside that sauna

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