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      Kingdom Greetings MOP,

      Where do I start- Well let me 1st say, I don’t know if you were talking to me or not, but I read twice on two separate messages that “Rhonda needs to share her testimony”, so here I am. At 1st, I was like LORD are you speaking to me because YOU have been Soooo good to me and my family but then I was like I felt like there was going to be something big, something different. Well here it is… I was recently divorced (March 25th 2021) after being with my ex husband for over 20 years. During the time it was constant turmoil. It was truly a very tumultuous marriage. Fast forward to now, the LORD has consistently worked on me & healed my heart. Recently, I had awaiting a large settlement from our divorce but for some reason, it was delayed. There was delay after delay. In the interim, the LORD continued to encourage me to trust HIM & remain faithful in my giving (time, money, etc). So I began dropping financial seeds all over the place. I sowed in secret to those whom the HOLY SPIRIT placed upon my spirit, I sowed in Ministries, I sowed my time in helping my neighbors and in the delivery of the Word of GOD, but it wasn’t until the moment when I released my tithes that less than 10 minutes later, I received notification that my settlement was released!!! That’s not all, that same week (earlier), I was awarded a cash bonus for working on a project outside of my normal duties (I was helping a colleague as part of my sowing expedition). It came out of nowhere. Then finally, after not speaking to my ex husband in months, I rec’d a call and the wall of hostility between us came tumbling down as we had a wonderful conversation for nearly an hour! So the LORD did all this within a week! I mean it looked like breakthrough after breakthrough in an accelerated manner. I have much more to say but I’ll leave it right there. I give GOD ALL the Glory, Honor & Praise for the things HE has done.

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      This is an amazing testimony Rhonda! I’m also glad that you are able to speak amicably with your ex now. I believe that is pleasing to the Lord. We must always bless others, never curse them, regardless of what was done to us. God is rewarding you. Sending you blessings for your next chapter!

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